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About this Game

Hooray for those who love hospital games!   You can now play as a doctor in Monster Hospital game online and treat your patients. But the plot twist is that you don’t treat humans, but monsters! Are we talking about scary monsters? Of course not! We’re talking about cute monsters that need your help. Play the mini-games that include fighting off the germs inside your patient’s organs, fix the patient’s crooked and dirty teeth, and treat his broken bones and wounds.

Play this cute and exciting mini-game and cure your patients as quickly as you can. Monster Hospital PC is safe to play for children, that’s why it’s considered as one of the best hospital games for girls and boys.

So, are you ready to play doctor and give these monsters the treatment they need?!


Monster Hospital Game Online Features:

If you’ve been dreaming to work in the medical field, Monster Hospital is the kind of virtual hospital game for you. You have a couple of cute monster as your patients and you need to treat them in three different levels. Moreover, this hospital game is geared more towards kids and it helps them develop their empathy and care for others. To know more features of this game, read on below:


Four Cute Monstrous Patients to Choose From

You don’t only have one, but four patients to treat. At the start of the game, you as a doctor will choose the patient who’s going to undergo treatment first. Bomi, Zeus, Rodik, and Uziy are all waiting for your expertise doctor, so click right away. Each of the monsters has different ailments so it would be a new experience for you when you treat each of them.


Monster Hospital


Treat the Patients in 3 Levels

Your monster patients will undergo three types of treatments and operations. Light your torch when doing an operation on your patient’s organs to find the germs and kill them. Once done, fix the patient’s broken teeth and remove all the dirt. The final treatment is fixing the broken bones and wounds. Become the best doctor for your monster patients and treat all their ailments.


Monster Hospital


Kids Will Love This Simulation of Operations and Treatments

Monster Hospital is one of the most amazing real hospital games because of its realistic simulation of the treatments and operations on contrastingly supernatural patients! The tools and medicines have labels and symbol as to where it should be used. All you have to do is grab the tools, study what they are for and use them on the appropriate part of the body. Even adults would love this game because of its non-complicated nature and is very informative too.


Race Against the Clock

Cure your patients as quickly as you can. Race against the clock so the monsters would heal right away and would get their fighting health back.


Monster Hospital


Learn How to Use the Surgical Tools

The real medical practice is complicated, but with free hospital games like Monster Hospital, you will have the opportunity to learn how the tools and medicines work. If your child is interested in medicine, this is a great game to enthuse their minds.


Monster Hospital


Pick and Drop

There is no complicated control system. All you have to do is pick up the tools and drop them at the indicated wounds. Just drag your touchpad or mouse and you’re good to go.

Click here and play Monster Hospital online on your PC for free! Had fun with this game? Be sure to check out our other game like Candy Rain 5 and Forest Match on PC and Mac now! More free games including hospital and plastic surgery are available on!

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