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About this Game

Use your mahjong skills in MonsterJong mini-game, a cute and exciting PC game based on the famous tile game mahjong. This game follows the rules of the classic game, just find the identical tiles in the board, select them and remove them from the board. The twist in this game is that it has a Halloween theme that features ghouls and other cute monsters. Use your adept logic skills and make three matches in a row to generate a shining tile. The shining tile will give you a bonus. What bonus? Play the game to find out!

Click and play MonsterJong online to unleash your mad mahjong skills with a twist. Even kids can play this game! Enjoy, relax, find matches and complete all the levels.

MonsterJong Game Features:

If the real-life mahjong game is not cut out for you, you’ll surely think twice with MonsterJong. Mixing the tile games mechanics with fun and cute graphics, it will surely capture players’ interest and will have them glued to the game in no time. Read on to know more about the game’s features:


Simple Yet Cute Graphics and Animation

Enter the world of monsters and other creatures in MonsterJong game. The tiles of the board are painted with images of Frankenstein’s monster, the beast, vampire and many more. Some are bloody hands, works, and scary eyes. Finding the matches is made easier because of the Halloween-themed graphics and animation.


Simple Gameplay and Game Controls

How hard could finding matches be? Not that much, if you’re already familiar with the rules of mahjong.  Even beginners can enjoy this game because of its simple gameplay. Find matches, earn bonuses, shuffle tiles then viola! You win the game by clearing the board. The game control is not difficult too. All you have to do is click and matching tiles with your mouse until you clear the board.




Power-ups and Bonuses

You will get bonuses if you can find 3 matching files in a short amount of time. That makes it more interesting, right? Challenge yourself to solve the puzzle and you can receive power-ups and bonuses like additional score or additional shuffle. Find 3 matches as fast as you can to generate more shining tiles and receive more bonuses!




Auto-Match the Tiles

You can auto-match the tiles by earning a bonus that allows that. How? Generating a shining tile has a lot of benefits for you. You can earn different bonuses and one of them is to auto-match the tiles which let you win in MonsterJong fast. It’s an incentive to do better in the game. So, be the best player that you can be!


Many Exciting Levels to Play

Play at different levels and locations. Each stage will bring you to a different location, and more exciting gameplay. As you progress, the challenges become more difficult. That’s why we encourage you to formulate a strategy to play the game effectively. And don’t forget the shining tile because you will need those bonuses more than ever.




Play Against the Clock

Challenge yourself and complete each level as fast as you can in MonsterJong. The time is running out and the clock is ticking. You are given a limited amount of time to complete the level, so use those auto-match bonuses and win the game fast! But if you run out of the auto-match, the best Monsterjong tips we can give are to keep on tapping the familiar patterns on the sides no matter what it is and go for the ones on top always. This is especially good if you’re rushing the game.

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