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About this Game

There are tons of patients lined up in your clinic! You’re a professional nail doctor who has a long list of clients that need attention. They are all looking for you to treat their nail-related problems. From a broken toe to an infected toe, you’re the only one who can heal their diseases. 


With tons of help needed, you need to be very meticulous in cleaning the wound, removing the infection, and fixing a broken toenail. Now that you can play it on your computer without having to download the app, you are free to enjoy the game on a larger screen! 


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Nail Doctor


Nail Doctor on PC Game Features:


Fun 3D Animation

The Nail Doctor game on PC has great graphics waiting for you to play and enjoy! It has superb visuals too that will make you feel disgusted with the nasty foot that you have to clean and treat. You’re going to enjoy playing the game anyway since it has cool graphics and a nice relaxing music that will make you whistle along throughout the entire game.


Nail Doctor


Disgusting Diseases and Infections to Treat

You haven’t seen nasty until you start playing the Nail Doctor on PC! When you play the game, you will be faced with the most revolting foot illnesses that need treating. So, how do you go about the game?


Nail Doctor


Here’s a 411:

Start off first by cleaning the wound. You are given a shower for the foot. You will know that you’re done giving the foot a bath when glitters pop up on the screen. After this, you can clean and wipe it with a cloth, then dig deep into the nail or nails that need treatment.


Take note that you have to remove any foreign objects on the foot like thorns, nasty blue molds on the toes, and tiny germs growing on the toenail. From there on it is up to you when you’re going to clean the wound or inject an antibacterial shot on the toe.


Nail Doctor


There are other treatments that you need to do, too, like help the swell subside. You also need to stop the toe from bleeding. These are only a few of the things that need to be done. We leave the rest up to you until you finish treating the toes back to health.


Checklist Guide for Treatment

Each treatment is different and each treatment requires various steps. If you’re not sure what else you need to do, you need to check your doctor’s file and see if there are any checkboxes unticked. This will serve as your guide on what you need to do to clean and treat your patient’s toes.


Nail Doctor


Mini-Game for Girls


Nail Doctor


This is one of the best nail games that you will come across because after treating your patients’ toes to perfect health, you will get to play a mini-game inside a mini-game! How’s that for a fun game on PC? All you have to do is pop as many balloons of the specified color as you can!

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