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About this Game

How long will you last in this endless tapping game? Find out how great your tapping and reflex skills are on Ninja Jump! In this game, you have to keep tapping to avoid the ninja from falling or getting slashed by the spiky arrows at the side! Collect coins, and unlock more modes in the game as you progress. Tap, jump, and bounce around the screen to survive longer in the game!  


Use your accumulated coins in the game to buy special power-ups, new characters, and features! You can choose from different types of ninja characters, get special double rate power-ups, and unlock new modes for the game by using your coins that are collected during the level or as a reward after getting good scores!


Ninja Jump Game Features on PC: 


Keep Jumping and Collect As Many Coins as You Can 

Ninja Jump is an endless tapping game, pretty much the same premise with that Flappy Bird! Just tap the screen to start the game. The ninja will be floating in mid-air but you have to keep tapping to make him bounce from one side to the other. If you stop tapping, the ninja will fall down to the ground and you will lose the game.


Ninja Jump


However, the game is not that easy. Aside from keeping your ninja on mid-air, you have to avoid spiky arrows on each side of the screen. Just bounce and avoid these for as long as you can! Earn more points as you manage to go farther in the game. Watch out for extra coins too! Your first coin will appear around when you accumulate around 7 to 8 points in the game.   


Unlock New Game Modes

The game starts with classic mode, but if you manage to collect more coins in the course of the game, you can unlock more modes and play them endlessly for free! Shuriken mode can be unlocked at just 40 coins, while the rest of the modes need 100 coins or more. Torment mode needs 600 coins to be unlocked.  


Ninja Jump


Unlock New Characters & Special Features 

There are also special features that you can activate in the game with just 20 to 40 coins. These are the Double Shield Drop Rate and the Double Coins Drop Rate. These features will improve gameplay and allow you to last longer and get more coins during the game. Dont worry, if you have enough coins already, the game will ask you if you want to avail any of the features. 







Ninja Jump



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