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About this Game

Are you a fan of classic racing games where there are only 3 lanes to switch between while avoiding traffic? Well, now it has been reincarnated in the form of Octane Racing!

Octane Racing is one free racing game that has the gameplay of old-school racing from the ’80s. You drive on a straight line, switching between 3 lanes and avoiding other cars. Is there an end to this game? Quite frankly, it doesn’t. This is like a free runner game but in the form of street racing – a classic combination since the days of the Nintendo Family Computer and SNES.

Play this thrilling racing game right now and see how long you can go before traffic gets a hold of you!


Octane Racing Game Features:


Old-School Street Racing Gameplay

 What separates Octane Racing from other car games is that this one takes you back to the era where racing was a top-down mix of endless runner and street racing. What’s really awesome about Octane Racing is that the same retro feel is still there as if you’re playing a remastered version of a timeless classic.

The gameplay is not for everyone but those who are old souls and for some hipsters, this right here is a work of art. It’s a rare gem to see games like Octane Racing nowadays and it’s beautiful to know that such free racing games still exist in our timeline.


Octane Racing


If You’re Used to Endless Runners, This Should Be Your Racing Game

 This isn’t a racing game where you’re competing with other cars at all. The only opponent here is yourself; your scores and the way you drive through the streets determine what kind of driver you are. Will you be the Steve McQueen of an endless racer or a newbie driver who just paid for his license?

There is a jump button here by the way. Oh, wait, “Do cars jump?” you ask? According to Henry Ford, yes, all cars are built with hydraulics that can help you leap over cars or large obstacles on the road. Just kidding, Henry Ford never said that.


Octane Racing


A Different Kind Of Scoring System

As a combination of racing and endless runner, you’d think this game would include such tropes as collecting coins, choosing which street to go to, collecting power-ups like nitro boosts and crash miserably onto a fellow car.

Nope, this is different – the more you drive through the streets, the higher your score. That’s it. And if you bump a car, you get deducted.


Octane Racing


No collectibles, no fuss. If you think that’s boring, it’s actually deceptively addicting thanks to its minimalistic and simplified gameplay that puts your focus more on to avoiding any incoming traffic and responding fast when switching lanes.

Oh and also when you jump over a car you also get double points while looking like an absolute mad lad leaping over cars that make the Wachowski Brothers’ Speed Racers put into shame. Enjoy the ride with other car games like Two Cars and Sprint Club Nitro!

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