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Paper Craft Wars

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About this Game

Divide and conquer! Paper Craft Wars on PC is a battle of wits where you need to be strategic in finding a way to lead your army to the enemy base. Conquer the land of your opponent in this ultimate battle game online! This strategy game requires you to think quickly and critically!


Paper Craft Wars is a fun and adventurous game that helps you think better and exercise your mind to be a better decision-maker. This online game also involves a pretty intense battle where you need to act fast and deploy your army or suffer in the hands of your enemy.


Now, you can play this delightful game online via! This mini-game guarantees fun and is also a great way to kill time.


Paper Craft Wars


Paper Craft Wars Online Game Features:


Paper Craft Wars


Superb 2D Hand-drawn Animation

Paper Craft Wars on PC contains really awesome and unique graphics, which obviously features a hand-painted artwork. This mini-game also highlights adorable sticker type characters. Paper Craft Wars is carefully designed and is made from a hand-crafted artwork.


The unique graphics of this mini-game really stand out from the rest of its contemporaries. It is simple yet intricate! The details of the game are highlighted through a beautifully painted watercolor background. Aside from the enjoyable game features of Paper Craft Wars, you are also bound to fall in love with the beautiful graphics of the game!


Paper Craft Wars


Difficulty Selection Option

Whether you are a newbie or an expert gamer, you have difficulty options to choose from here at Paper Craft Wars on PC. If you just want to kill some time or not really the type of person who is into the adrenaline-rush type of game, then you may opt for the normal game mode.


The other game mode is definitely twice a notch higher. It will really challenge you to think quickly and to think smart in every move you’ll make because one wrong move is really going to cost you a lot.


Paper Craft Wars


Fast-Paced Paper Craft Wars Gameplay

Paper Craft Wars is one of our recommended strategic PC mini-games! It’s a great way to kill time and it’s also a wonderful mental exercise. The game is very simple. You just have to play the role of a high commander deploying troops to invade and conquer territories. You are literally expanding your kingdom and you have to battle against another invading nation.

Who’s going to win? Obviously, the kingdom that is able to deploy more troops quickly and more efficiently!
Paper Craft Wars


Three Fun Gaming Modes to Choose From

There are three types of armies you can choose from—or rather animal army troops: the dog, the cat, and the buffalo. These troops or tribes have different levels of difficulty. The game also comes with a series of various upgrades to keep your gaming experience more fun and exciting.


How to Play Paper Craft Wars Online Game on PC

The game starts with one tower for you and your opponent. The goal is to invade all of the towers and plant your troops in each station. Beware! Your enemy is also doing the same! The faster you deploy your troops to secure these stations, the easier it is to conquer the stations invaded by the enemy.


Keep deploying your troops until you have conquered the main citadel of your opponent and invaded every single station on the map. But wait! The game has other features as well! You have weapons like fireballs that fly from the sky and resource pits that help you multiply the number of your troops in each station. How cool is that?


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