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FlashFooty did it again. This time around, though, it brings the 3D penalty fever genre to a whole new level. And by that, it means adding a new concept to the ever-popular genre. Well, this is all thanks to unblocked Penalty Shooters, the newest penalty-ridden game that will take up much of your time. In case you forgot, this is the same studio that brought the cult classic Penalty Fever 1 and 2 3D. This only means that you will be experiencing the same intensity and exciting that the studio brought in the said game. Play the free Penalty Shooters game and experience never-ending fun.


The game’s overall premise is simple. As the name suggests, Penalty Shooters unblocked brings you to the penalty line and kick some balls. But despite the simple concept, you need to be accurate in your kicks. Otherwise, you will lose the chance to score some points. As the game progresses, you are to alternate the role between striker and goalkeeper. This gameplay alone gives you the adrenaline to sit down and play as many hours as you can. Will you be a good goalkeeper or perhaps a Messi-like striker? Either way, you are in for a huge treat!


Here are our favorite features:


32 Real Teams


Penalty Shooters


Penalty Shooters is the go-to game for all football enthusiasts out there, whether you are a rookie or have been playing the sport for quite some time now. In fact, FlashFooty brings forth some real elements to the penalty fever game by adding the real environment of the titular English football tournament. As such, there are a total of 32 teams. And boy, they are not just teams within the game. They are based on the real 32 teams of the said tournament. This includes, but not limited to, Manchester United, Stoke City, and Wolverhampton.


Striker vs. Goalkeeper


Penalty Shooters


As already mentioned above, you will be given the chance to play two roles, though in an alternate way. First, you will play as a striker. As the game progresses, you will become the goalkeeper. Obviously, as a striker, you have to ensure that your kicks are timely. Otherwise, you will be unable to acquire the perfect aim and the goalkeeper could just snatch the ball in a matter of seconds. As a goalkeeper, you need to tune your reflex with the striker’s possible aims. You must be able to anticipate the direction of the ball so you could stop it. Fail and you will lose the game. This alternate role gives the game a unique approach to the saturated genre of penalty-kicking game.


The Right Sounds


Penalty Shooters


Believe it or not, the sound concept of Penalty Shooters online game is on point. It is as if you are playing in a real soccer field in front of thousands of people. As a matter of fact, we encourage playing this game with your headset on. It just gives you the right ambiance and sound environment. As you keep your composure to kick the ball, the sound levels begin to rattle, giving you the eerie feeling. Goosebumps! But hey, it is all fun and adrenaline-rushing in the end.

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