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About this Game

Burgers are the greatest invention of all time, still not convinced? Ask your pet, they love burgers too. All kinds of burgers as well. With cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, single patty, double patty, triple. So many combinations to choose from. There truly is a burger for everyone.

So put your apron on and get ready for a quick serve game of Pet Drive-In, where you are in charge of the fast food drive-in and your job is to feed the hungry customers, who – by the way – are pets!

Yup, that is right. AntPixel’s time management game purposefully scaled for family friendliness and easily playable for the player of any age! It is all about quick wits and fast reaction times.

Take note, this is not a pet cleaning, pet grooming, pet studio or dog salon game. Make sure to check out the rest of our Mini Games category where we have different casual genres. Such include pet grooming games, adopt-a-pet games, and dog washing games!


Pet Drive In-Game Features:

Fun For All Ages and a Heckin’ Good Time!

AntPixel designed this game to be accessible for all ages and very easy to get into, no need for downloading or installing anything just click and play. With colorful backgrounds and cute animal customers, even the youngest member of the household will find plenty of enjoyment as the oldest member.

The gameplay of Pet Drive In revolves around your ability to memorize and react fast enough. It gets very time sensitive at higher score levels and things do get further complicated as you progress. Learn to think very quickly and improve your hand-eye coordination with Pet Drive In.


Pet Drive In


How Fast Can You Serve?

The Basic gameplay is to serve the drive-in customers – who happen to be anthropomorphic animals – their requested burgers before the time limit. The challenge is that the time limit begins at nine seconds then drops down progressively until it hits three seconds per customer.

If there is one thing you take away from this online game, it is that you will be surprised how fast your mind and body works in three seconds. However, the time limit is not the only thing to be wary of. At increasing intervals, the basic ingredients of the burgers get shuffled in their placement, adding more challenge to an already mind-frazzling gameplay!


Pet Drive In


Who Doesn’t Love Burgers

There are so many burger ingredients out there, but the classic burger is a patty with lettuce, tomatoes, maybe some cheese and sandwich between deliciously toasted buns.


Pet Drive In


But of course, just like in anything else, everyone has their own tastes. The same goes for the customers of Pet Drive In. Sometimes they want double patties with double cheese, or maybe extra tomatoes and lettuce, or even go all out with four patties.

Everyone has their own unique tastes for their burgers. It is your job to give them exactly what the are paying for. Most of all, you have to be quick about it because these animals are on really short fuses. If you miss the time limit, they will just leave and even take down a few points from your score.

Play the Pet Drive In game online on PC right now! If you want other games like this, check out Pug Love and Metal Animals too!

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