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About this Game

Do you like pie? Are you a pie connoisseur? A practical joker? Or a pieing enthusiast? If the answer to any of those questions is a yes, then you will love the game concealed behind the “Play Now” button on your screen. As you may have known by now, Pie Attack obviously is a pie throwing game. What you do not know is the plot behind the title.

You take the role of an elite member of the Pie Attack Force and your main objective is to save the city from the invading Super Bad Cake villains. Your main weapon is pie, and you must avoid hitting jolly little kids, members of the Police, especially sweet old women. Sounds fun, right? But do not take our word for it, click on the Play Now button on your screen to begin your mission.


Pie Attack Game Features on PC:


Pie Attack, like the rest of HTML5 titles, is a 2D game. However, instead of the traditional side-scrolling gameplay execution, it follows the vertical scrolling method. It also follows some of the principles seen in a “whack-a-mole” game. Aside from that, the game also features a diverse collection of villains and characters in a seamless and constantly changing level. To get a broader view of these features, check out our shortlist overview of the game’s notable features.


Pie Attack


Challenging Gameplay

Pie Attack may sound like a simple pie throwing game, but there is actually more to this game than what meets the eye. One of its unique features includes the seamless level gameplay that comes with a constantly evolving challenge. You won’t even notice the increased difficulty until you begin to hit the wrong target. Adding to the challenge are the various penalties that occur when you miss a target.


Pie Attack


Seamless Level Transitions

As mentioned on the first paragraph, Pie Attack comes with an integrated seamless gameplay mechanic. Unlike the level-based type of progression, having a seamless progression means that the game will continuously generate enemies as long as the player is standing and has some life to spare. Not only that! The villains and the entire game itself will continuously escalate the level of difficulty. The closest comparison to this type of gameplay mechanics is the iconic “survival mode” seen in popular game titles. In other words, the game requires accuracy and consistency for you to get the most out of each run.


Pie Attack


Fun Audio Visual Presentation

To go with Pie Attack’s hilarious plot, the developers came up with originally designed characters without removing the influences of pop-culture. One example is the appearance of the clown from a popular horror flick who abducts children. Another is the witch from the fairy tale about the princess who lived with seven dwarfs, and the little girl who lost her sheep from a popular English nursery rhyme.


Pie Attack


Players who are familiar with pop culture icons can easily distinguish the character who deserves a pie in the face. To go with that is an original arcade music that perfectly compliments the game’s characters. This game will surely give you an awesome time.


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