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About this Game

Are you fascinated with pigeons? Are you a fan of a game that features an avian protagonist? Or perhaps looking for something to vent your frustrations into? If the answer to any of those questions is a yes, then, let me introduce you to Jack the Pigeon Bomber! Jack, as you may know, was once scared of people. However, in an unusual turn of events, this short-legged city bird experienced a one-of-a-kind escalation of emotions that turned his fear into anger, his anger to hate, and his hate to poo-bombs!

You are Jack in this game, and with the use of your PC, you must travel into the depths of the city to give its residents a poo-bomb-payback-misfortune, that is if you can hit all of them. So, what are you waiting for? Get those wings flapping and discover the hilarious world of Pigeon Bomber!


Pigeon Bomber


Pigeon Bomber Online Game Features:


Before anything else, yes, the title in focus is an HTML5 browser game developed by the innovative minds of Blackmoon Dev studios. Now, back to our topic about the notable features of the game. If not for its mischievous plot and unique gameplay structure, Pigeon Bomber would just be an ordinary run-of-the-mill copycat from other titles. You see, Jack the bomber is unlike any other pigeon as emphasized by the color of his feathers. Aside from that, this character seems to have a very bad case of stomach upset. Before we go too far from the topic, let’s do a quick overview of the game’s unique attributes.


Pigeon Bomber


Fascinating Character and Environmental Designs

The first thing that will get your attention the moment you open Pigeon Bomber is the quality of both character and environment design. In fact, the game’s decent design may lead you to believe that you are playing a paid android game. As overrated as the previous statement may be, the visualization of the game not only compliments the plot perfectly, but it also supersedes most of the titles in its genre.


Pigeon Bomber


Fast-Paced Gameplay

Another one of the game’s attributes worth mentioning is the fast and fluid gameplay mechanics. Having this attribute results to a more immersive and responsive game, as long as you do not get distracted from the comical characters scattered within the city’s endless alleyway. Speaking of distractions, a diverse collection of obstructions/structures are scattered within the level that could potentially end your run.


Pigeon Bomber


In relation to that, it is better to stay away from street signs, lampposts, traffic lights, and regulation signs. The player must also make sure that their supply of poo-bomb is sufficient and they must replenish it with chips collected within the game.


High-Definition Graphics

Last, but definitely not the least, is the quality of the game’s graphical presentation. Compared to other HTML5 browser games, the quality of the graphical presentation in Pigeon Bomber makes it stand out from the rest. As you may have noticed, the game already has three of the most important attributes that define a decent title. To get more information about the game, click the “Play Now” button on your screen and help Jack get some sweet revenge!

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