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Pirates and Cannons


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About this Game

Are you ready to conquer the seven seas and emerge as the greatest pirate of all time? In the Pirates and Cannons mini-game, you will get to control battleships from old times and face vicious monsters and pirates in the vast ocean to claim the title of being the greatest pirate that ever graced the seas. Pirates and Cannons for PC is a turn-based strategy game where you need to strategically place your ships and weapons to hit your target. Read our article for cheats, answers, and walkthrough. Learn how to play Pirates and Cannons without downloading it to your PC.


Pirates and Cannons


Play Pirates and Cannons and immerse yourself in a new gaming experience unlike any other that you have tried before. With the game now available for PC, there is nothing that can stop you from looting and pillaging your enemies. Are you ready for the voyage? Aye, captain!


Pirates and Cannons


The Pirates and Cannons mini-game uses the same mechanics as with other turn-based strategy games in this genre. In the game, you have to set the placement of your ships, weapons, and other in-game aid even before the match begins. Once the game starts, you cannot change your weapons and ships until the next match, so better choose your poison properly. Do not worry because you will have lots of ships and weapons to choose from, and each element of the game has different characteristics and attributes that can counter the weapons and ships of your enemies. The Pirates and Cannons mini-game has so much to offer, so keep on scrolling to learn more about the game.


A Huge World to Explore


Pirates and Cannons


Pirates and Cannons has a huge world that you can explore in the game. There are lots of levels that you need to complete in order to win the game. You can choose your battleground depending on the strategy that you have. A battleground is basically the number of tiles that you can have for each level, and there are 3 sizes of the battleground that you can choose from.


The Small battleground is composed of 10×10 grids. It can be great for players who are just starting out in playing Pirates and Cannons. The Medium battleground is composed of 12×12 grids. Players who are already familiar with the game’s mechanics and the different elements in Pirates and Cannons can definitely thrive in this battleground. The Large battleground is not for the faint of heart. It has a large 16×16 grid, and it requires players to bring out their ultimate strategies to conquer enemies in this kind of battlefield.


Intuitive Controls


Pirates and Cannons


Pirates and Cannons is a game that will not confuse you with lots of keys that you need to press for a simple movement. In fact, you just need to use your mouse to operate all aspects of the game. Pirates and Cannons will let you focus on your strategy without having to worry about controlling your ships. Need to move tiles? Just click your mouse. Need to select your cannon or ship? Yup, you’re right. Do it with your mouse. This is what makes Pirates and Cannons a great game compared to other titles in the genre.


If you want to start playing Pirates and Cannons to your PC, play the mini-game for free now!

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