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About this Game

Zombies. Zombies everywhere. Journey to the post-apocalyptic pixel place of PixZombies! We need your help to fight and save the world from these cannibalistic monsters! Prevent them from passing through the road and smash them down before they can bite anyone.

PixZombies is a very straightforward game. The main objective of the game is to prevent zombies from passing through. In the game, you can simply do this by smashing them using your mouse cursor. Or, you have to be fast as these zombies since they move as quickly as they can to avoid you smashing them. The player is then given 3 lives in each level, and you have to maximize it just in case uncontrollable things happen. Gather 3 stars in each level to gain the highest score possible by not letting any zombies pass through.

Play PixZombies on PC for free! The very few living people rest on your shoulders.




PixZombies Game Features:

Want to kill zombies with a tap of your finger? Then play PixZombies online! This mini zombie invasion game brings out all the zombie killing goodness. Aside from that, there are loads of levels to unlock that will keep you glued to the screen for hours. Read more to discover the features of the game:


Exciting Gameplay




Being the savior of the world couldn’t be more exciting especially when you can do it with just a tap. PixZombie is a fun and exciting game to play with. Tap and kill the undead as fast as you can before they are able to pass through you. Prevent them from crossing over you or else your life depletes. Work your way toward different levels and bigger challenges as you get better. The atmospheric sounds and retro graphics makes this a gritty modern classic. Play non-stop and save the world from the zombies.

Moreover, the game is easily accessible online so there’s no need to be waiting long for downloads. So there’s no time to wait, get ready, suit up and save the world from these zombies!!


Easily Understandable




Playing thisPixZombies mini game is easy and painless. All you need to do is tap as many zombies as you can in order to kill them, collect combos and get three stars each level to gain the highest score possible. Be careful not to let them pass through you or you lose a heart.


Insanely Addictive

PixZombies online game is absolutely addicting with its great sounds and graphics you surely wouldn’t want to miss! The zombies are easy to identify with their gruesome appearances but be careful not to kill the friendlies. They pass through the same path with the zombies. Kill one and you lose not just a life but the whole level itself. In simple terms, you kill a friendly, you restart.


More Levels to Unlock




With numerous levels to unlock, you will surely see the challenging side of the game. As the level gets higher the game gets more complicated as more zombies appear, moving faster than ever. Moreover, it is also possible for you to mistakenly shoot friendlies since they run along the same path as the zombies.

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