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About this Game

Now, you can enjoy betting on a more interesting slot machine game when you play Pocahontas slots! Surrounded by images and themes in the Pocahontas movie, why not take on a whole new level of fun with the slot machine in Pocahontas Slots game or known also as slots era pocahontas?

This game offers the typical slot machine casino games, but it also has a mini-game inside this awesome mini-game. Who would not want to try to hit the jackpot and still get a chance to win some extra golden cash?

Play with Pocahontas is a new adventure with John Smith. This awesome slot machine game inspired by the Native American culture. Join the fun and maybe you will even find out secret surprises when you spin the slots.

But beware though, there are major spoiler alerts down below. Pocahontas needs your help!


Pocahontas Slots


Pocahontas Slots Game Features:


Cool Graphics and Animation

Pocahontas Slots game has superb 2D animation. Although it does not really feature the true Disney’s Pocahontas graphics, they do have a depiction based on the animated film. You also have Pocahontas’ best friend Meeko, the raccoon, to join in the slots as a special character you would want to have on your line. Why? Well, we will discuss that a little later.


Pocahontas Slots


Bigger Bets for Bigger Wins

Unlike other slot machine games online, this casino game is a real hit because it can provide you with nine lines to win. Your chances of a winning bet have now risen to 90 percent; how’s that for more winning opportunities?


Pocahontas Slots


Plus, the fact that there are fewer characters to match gives you high chances of making a big break in every bet you place. With your winning chances raised higher than ever, you get to double the money you started with right off the first spin. The game is better since you can also see the different winning lines where all lines allow you to cash out more and more!


Pocahontas Slots


Funny Animation Set

The graphics are both cute and funny at the same time. You can probably think of it as a Lego version of Pocahontas, which is ultimately very adorable!


Extra Spins and Bonus Rounds for More Gold

Aside from the great betting ops, you also get bonus characters. There are three characters to watch out for. Keep a lookout for Meeko the raccoon, a Native American Totem pole, and a hunting dog.

When you get any three of these special characters, you get special wins. The totem pole is a bonus character; if matched with any two or more, you get a win streak.

When you get three of the raccoons anywhere on the slots (they do not necessarily need to fall on a line), you get five free spins. The last one is the hunting dog. If you get three of the hunting dogs anywhere on the slots, you get a bonus round! The bonus round is a memory game, but you are only given a limited number of turns. You match the boxes with its similar characters and you get extra gold coins for every match that you make.


Pocahontas Slots


Did you enjoy this free online game? Play Pocahontas Slots here today without the need to download or pay a single dime. Enjoy the highly-addictive slot machine casino game today!

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