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About this Game

If you love playing games that will put your patience and skills to the test, then PopUp is the game for you!

Play as a ball and work your way towards the top. Avoid hitting the closing doors as you try to move up since a very frustrating consequence is going to happen once you do.  Any guesses on what will happen next? Yup, that’s right, you are going to back again at the very bottom, the very beginning of the game and your score will be back to zero of course.

But don’t worry if you fail! You can restart as many times as you want. It is assured that once you get good at this game, you get a huge rewarding feeling since this game really takes a lot of time to master and will take a lot of patience for you to be successful to earn the highest score possible.

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PopUp Game Features:

With a lot of simple mini-games out there you’d think that their main purpose is for us to just have something to play with. Not with the free PopUp game!  Sure, it has that simple gameplay that everyone can get in to, but it’s more than just that. You’ll be surprised at the takeaways that you’ll realize once you start playing it. Curious to find out? Read on below:


Simple Gameplay




PopUp is one of those mini games that doesn’t have complicated controls. It is easily understandable and instructions for the game are no longer needed. The game is very straightforward, all you have to do is tap and the ball moves upward. The goal of the game is to be able to pass through multiple obstacles (i.e. the closing doors) for you to obtain the highest score possible. Watch out since anything that goes up will go down too with gravity. So, you may not hit the obstacles on top of you but you might hit the one at the bottom. Timing is key for this game. So practice is necessary for you to succeed.


Patience and Skills Development

The challenging aspect of the game makes it great for patience and skills development. Both are tested since it would really take a lot of time for you to master the game. Development of these are very useful in everyday life may it be in school or workplace. The game teaches us that you cannot just take anything you want in life.  However, with perseverance and dedication you would, and could serve as a reward for your hard work. Moreover, this allows its user to experience delayed gratification which is also very helpful especially when they grow up.


Non-stop Play




PopUp PC game can be played non-stop since you can climb up the ladder for as long as you want as long as you don’t get hit by the upcoming obstacles. This game seems a bit hard to ace but practice makes perfect. Just try and try until you finally get your own timing and technique to master the game! Get higher scores when you play this game even more since you will get good at it from time to time. But as always keep in mind that rewards don’t come right away. Anything that is great takes time. Remember that!

With all that said, PopUp is a win-win game for all. Have fun and at the same time get something from it that you can take advantage of in the future.

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