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Princess Curse

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About this Game

A princess came across a witch’s home within the forest. Unfortunately for her, she messed up a very special potion that the witch was making. Out of anger, the witch cursed the princess to stay as a stone statue for eternity. But fortunately, you are there to witness it all and save the princess!

Now, she is in absolute need of help or else she will forever remain as a stone statue until the statue breaks and she dies. Because you are a Prince Charming who is ready to come to her aid, you will find all means to rescue her and undo her curse.

You have everything you need to save the princess. You are given the potion that will undo her curse and save her. So, what are you waiting for? Help the Prince undo the magic that has fallen on the princess and go to her aid!


Princess Curse


Princess Curse Online Game Features:


The Witch’s Curse

The witch is quietly living in peace in the middle of the forest. But when a princess was passing through, that’s when the trouble started. The witch was incredibly furious at the princess for destroying something she has been working on for a long time. Now, she cursed the princess and turned her into a stone statue.


Princess Curse


Stage One: Lifting the Stone Curse

Now that the witch is gone, you take the statue of the princess away and find a way to cure her. Due to unforeseen circumstances, you were able to find a potion that will remove the stone curse. It is your job now to lift the curse of the princess. You have to clean the statue and remove the stone from the Princess after treating it with a magic potion.


Princess Curse


Stage Two: Heal Her From the Princess Curse

After hammering and chipping away the stone over the Princess, it is your task to help her. She has been a stone for too long and now she is wounded and hurt under that curse. Her skin, her face, and her entire being has just relaxed after being a stone for a long time. Now, you need to treat her wounds and help her get her beauty back.

The Princess Curse game isn’t just about removing the stone; it’s about bringing the Princess back to how she was. Now, you need to help her get back her beautiful face. You need to be careful in dealing with her treatment or else she will never heal properly.


Princess Curse


Stage Three: Dress Her Up to Perfection

Once you have nursed her back to her old self, you have to give her a makeover to bring back her glory! Princess Curse free game is also a dress up game where you mix and match makeup shades, and color and dress her up according to how you’d like her to look. Once you are done, you can now call her Prince Charming and let them have their happy ever after in this amazing Princess Curse game online.

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