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About this Game

Do you love playing with dogs especially pugs?  Do you love playing adventure games?  If you say yes to both, then Pug Love is the game for you! No other cute pug games come close to this one. Pug Love is a 2-in-1 game where you play as a Pug and collect the coins in different areas. Jump to reach them in high areas by tapping on the screen or using your mouse cursor. Obstacles can be found everywhere so you must do your best to avoid hitting them or else you have to repeat the round all over again. It is a fast-paced game so your full focus is needed in order to succeed.

This game will require your focus and concentration so you will know when to tap and when not to.  The pug moves so quickly so you have to have great estimation skills.  Otherwise, you might get hit by the sharp objects.

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Pug Love


Pug Love Game Features:

Man’s best friend takes the spotlight in the Pug Love game. An easy game with very complex dynamics, Pug Love incorporates both of these awesome features to create an engaging mini-game. Read on to learn more about the game’s features:


Easy to Play

Pug Love is very easy to play, all you need to do is to tap your screen or use your mouse cursor in order for the pug to collect coins and avoid sharp obstacles. Collecting all the coins is a must since it is the only way to activate the door that will lead you the next level, your next adventure.

The fact that it is very simple and easy to play proves that it can be played by all ages, young or old. Moreover, since it can be easily understandable you won’t even bother having a hard time trying to understand the instructions. In fact, the game is so simple that you don’t even need one anymore.


Pug Love



Pug Love PC game becomes challenging as you are able to pass through multiple obstacles and get a higher score. Moreover, it becomes even harder since more obstacles are laid out.  The player has to think critically on how to collect all the coins without getting hit by sharp objects. Whenever you get hit, the game repeats right away so you have to be prepared to tap or click at once.


Pug Love


Numerous Levels

With numerous levels to unlock, you won’t get bored playing this Pug Love online game. In addition to that, new challenges appear in every level that you encounter. The game gets harder every time you go one level up. Pug Love will surely force you to get even better in time. This game will push you to your limit in terms of reacting fast.  It will challenge you to look for the best pathway in order for you to proceed to the next level.

Despite the game getting harder at every level, you don’t have to worry if you fail numerous times in one level since the game can be easily repeated as much as you want. The only key to win in every level is to practice and repeat it until you are able to pass through it. Surely enough with the numerous failures that you’ve been through you’ll be able to move to the next level soon!

So what are you waiting for?  Test your skills in this fast-paced Pug game!

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