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Nothing can get more real than this! With Real Soccer, you can experience first-hand the joy of playing soccer without getting physically tired! Take your strategic thinking in the field with the team you are handling. Be the coach and the player at the same time! Just remember to keep the objective of the game: to get the goal! Take those opportunities where you can kick the ball when the goal is open! Run fast and pass the ball quickly to prevent the opposing team from winning! Strong defense and offense is the key in this game! Just like the real soccer game, you are to choose your team wisely, build the team dynamics, control the team, and direct it. The game will mostly be aimed at you winning your first goal. Help the team by tapping and swiping. As simple as that, you can actually win the game! Explore more of Real Soccer when you play the game now! 


Real Soccer Online Game Features: 


Choose Your Team 

Choose your player based on speed and skill. You can swipe through a vast collection of players with different strengths and weaknesses. Go through them and create your ultimate dream team! You are responsible for the team you are building. This part, despite being the first thing to do, is actually very foundational and crucial in the game. If there would be a problem, there could be a hole in this if you are not careful in picking out your players for the team. You can always look back on the players’ ability to fight off the opposing team. Of course, the opposing team will give the best ones out there to beat you and give you a challenge. Now it’s up to you! Are you up for that challenge?


Real Soccer


No Confusions 

No need to be confused where you are because a huge red arrow will surely point the next player that you will use to get the ball from the other side of the field. You will definitely be updated with where the ball is because the arrow points it out clearly. If the ball is in the opposing side, you will also know where it is because the arrow will automatically point you to the nearest player near the ball. What a great way to help the players on their game! 


Real Soccer


Tap Your Way to Victory

Well, get ready to use your fingers in making sure that you get the goal!  

Work your way with your fingers by tapping the player pointed by the arrow to dribble or tackle. If you are open and wants to goal, then swipe to shoot it at your goal. This is quite difficult to play with mouse pads so you would like to consider a touchscreen or a mouse for a better control and hand movement.  


Get Your Eyes Moving  

Better get your eyes moving every now and then. Look closely and follow the red arrow. In Real Soccer, you are more than one player! Every now and then you are a different player depending on where the ball is. But it is important to keep one thing in mind: to set your heart to aim for the goal! Defend your goal and block the opponent’s ball. Take offense and defense attacks in the field. 


Get Competitive  

Are you a sports junkie who is competitive and won’t let it down unless it’s a goal? Then this game is perfect for you! This game stands for one aim: to get the goal and to score. You always want that open spot to kick the ball straight to the goal. Pass the ball to different players if you are blocked. Don’t allow the opponents to steal it and get the goal first. Aim to be the opponent’s worst enemy. If you achieve that, then you got the right spirit for the game! 


Immovable Perspective  

Unlike other interactive soccer game, the perspective in this game is immovable. It’s like you’re watching soccer on the television. The side view of both teams is seen easily. This gives a greater perspective for players. It would also help the players who have motion sickness since it is not in the first-person point of view.


Real Soccer


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