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About this Game

Do not settle on playing your favorite card game on a dull and boring green background like most solitaire games out there.  Refuge Solitaire is a free online PC card game that lets you play your favorite game while enjoying the view of a stunning Alpine lake. The calming sounds of the cricket and burning fire will also calm your restless mind. In your busy and hectic day, a stressful game is the last thing you need. Click the link and play the game directly! No download required. Play Refuge Solitaire online on your PC and let your mind meditate and enjoy at the same time in this calming online card game.


Refuge Solitaire


Refuge Solitaire Game Features:

While a lot of online card games require a bit of strategizing and brainpower, there’s something about the game of solitaire that actually puts people in a more relaxed state. In Refuge Solitaire this is further reinforced by the game’s calming musical backdrop that allows players to wander on their own thoughts while playing. Sounds cool right? Read on to find out more about the game’s other features:


Relaxing Backdrop and Music

If you are looking for a game that will relax your soul and calm your mind, we suggest you try to play Refuge Solitaire online, this online card game will make you feel as if you are playing your favorite card game in a very cozy cottage facing a relaxing view of the Alpine lake. The equally calming music will make you feel the warmth of burning fire from the chimney and the cold breeze from the mountains. The crystal-clear water and the perfect landscape of the forest will surely calm your tired soul. In this beautiful 2D game, you will feel tremendously peaceful because of the calming sound of singing crickets in the background. If ASMR turned into a card game, this makes a great example!


Refuge Solitaire


Stuck On A Level? Use The Hint Button

If you find yourself stuck on a level and unable to think of a new move, you can use the hint button at the lower left corner of your screen. In every level, you are given 3 hints for you to use. If you feel like your last move was not right, you can undo that by clicking on the arrow button beside the hint button. If you are not satisfied with your cards, you can reshuffle it up to 3x per level. But if you have done all the options mentioned above and still have no luck, take a break and pause the game. Come back if you feel like you’re ready again. You can also click resign and start the game all over.


Refuge Solitaire


Can You Finish The Game In 20 Minutes?

Do you think you can finish the game in 20 minutes? Can you sort the outer piles of the card in the 8 decks at the bottom? Can you build the aces up in a suit to the king and vice versa? If you think that you can do all of that, then you have 20 minutes to prove it. Match the cards and arrange them in proper order as fast as you can. If you finish the game faster, then you’ll earn higher points. Have fun playing Refuge Solitaire card game!

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