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About this Game

Who said you can’t mix a football game and an endless runner? That’s what Running Soccer is all about! Forget what you know about football and its rules, this is a much different approach to the genre. In fact, it’s so different; you’d think this is more of a game where you’re running for your life instead of kicking the ball inside post and a Spanish commentator saying “GOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!”

All you need in this game are two controls – the left and right buttons. What you’re doing here is, according to the developers, getting to the ball on the other side of the field while avoiding your opponents that run the opposite way! We don’t know what exactly kind of football that is but it checks out!

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Running Soccer Game Features:


Forget Everything You Know About Football  

No seriously, if you think this is a 22-player soccer game, you thought wrong. Running Soccer puts you into the shoes of one man who’s set out to do one thing – to run through the endless football field of hell that comes in 3 lanes and to get through an unlimited number of football players just to achieve a high score of running.

No actual football, no kicks, no dribbles, not even fouls – just you, a 3-lane field that never ends and football clones who are designed as one model and synchronize better actions than the ladies in the synchronized swimming competitions.


Running Soccer


This is what happens when you put in a guy into playing football who was originally designed to be an endless runner protagonist; he incorporates all his frustrations as a runner and turns a classic game of soccer into Subway Surfer 2: Soccer Boogaloo.

We wonder what football fanatics have to say about that?


A Different Kind of Scoring System

As a combination of football and endless runner, you’d think this game would include such tropes as collecting coins, dashing through obstacles, collecting power-ups and die just from hitting a wall.

Nope, this is different – the more you run, the higher your score. That’s it. No collectibles, no jumps, no stunts, no fuss, no bull. If you think that’s boring, it’s actually deceptively addicting thanks to its minimalistic and simplified gameplay that puts your focus more on to avoiding any incoming players and responding fast when switching lanes.


Running Soccer


Top-Down Fun

The game’s camera is angled as a top-down 3rd person perspective that makes the game feel like you’re playing a classic 8-bit 3-lane street racing game inside a football theme. If you’re into such retro classics, then you’ll certainly have a fun time with this. We know we did.

However, this game is set in 3D that mixes some elements of 2D which certainly turns the game’s graphics feel more or less unique versus other games in the same genre.


Running Soccer


You may only have two control buttons – the left and right buttons, but that certainly doesn’t remove the fact that this is a strange yet oddly satisfying running game. For more sports game, you may want to try Foot Chinko World Cup and Baseball Hero!

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