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About this Game

Do you consider yourself as a free scratch card enthusiast? Do you easily itch when it comes to scratching an opaque covering just so the letters or numbers will be revealed and hope to win some prizes? Or perhaps you are so into it that you cannot help but find ways to play a game of this genre. Well, if you are, then you have come to the right place. It is time you consider playing the free online Scratch Fruit unblocked games by Codethislab. You will enjoy scratch fruit ninja and fruity loops in this PC game.


There is no complex gameplay here. Just plain and old “scratch” mechanics for you to enjoy right now! Just play Scratch Fruit and you will see how addicting this game is. You will see yourself spending a lot of time, especially when you are bored and just want to kill some minutes. In fact, you will be playing this so hard that you will not notice the time. The next thing you know, you have spent a good amount of hours trying to beat this title. It is one of those games out there that is worth trying!


Here are our favorite features:


It Is So Simple


Scratch Fruit


If you are to ask, there are three words that could best describe Scratch Fruit: Simple, simple, and simple. Yes, that is right and there is nothing else. Believe it or not, it could even be the simplest game you have ever played in your entire life. Heck, you will not even be dealing with those pesky terms and conditions, let alone the ever-annoying complications associated with other titles. As soon as you play Scratch Fruit, you will immediately get a snag at this game.


Easy To Understand Mechanics


Scratch Fruit


Well, the fact that it says “scratch,” it should be enough of a term to let you understand how this game works. Nonetheless, it is still worth explaining. It is nothing but a scratch game that simply requires you to scratch away. There are no difficult rules included in this game, unlike the likes of Scratch Fruit Ninja and Scratch Fruity Loops. There are no complex strategies needed just so you can cheese the game. All you have to do is run your fingers over the game and scratch away. From there, you will know exactly if you won or not. Oh, you actually need one good skill here. It is none other than “scratching.”


The Pay-Out System


There is basically a payout table on the main screen of the Scratch Fruit game. This lets you keep tabs of all of your potential winnings, so make sure you take advantage of it every now and then. Each fruit here has a symbol that corresponds to a certain amount of prizes or winnings, which you could obtain if you have uncovered at least three times within a single row. But hey, do not be worried. That is because you have around nine possible symbols to uncover, giving you enough allowance to secure a win. Keep in mind that winnings here could be acquired by getting a range three lemons to three bananas.

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