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About this Game

Are you a huge fan of puzzle games? How about the type that is simple to play but irresistible? Well, if your answer to these questions is “yes,” then you have come to the right place. Odiusfly brings to you Shapes, a 3D online unblocked game built for kids around the concept of a puzzle and, well, shapes.


The game’s gameplay is pretty straightforward. Your goal in Shapes is to match the shapes of the same color. Sure, it sounds easy at first. After all, you are just going to match shapes of the same color. But hey, do not be too confident. As the game progresses, the pace goes a little bit faster. Hence, your reflex and decision making must be fast as well. You need to be quick enough in order to match and hit shapes; otherwise, you are going to defeat the whole purpose of the game.


Whether you are into puzzle games or not, there is no doubt that you will fall in love with this game. And boy, you will definitely be spending hours after hours playing it. Now that you know, it is time to play Shapes game and beat it!


Here are our favorite features:


Fun, Fun, Fun




Of course, when you have a game that exercises superb simplicity, you can always expect a fun experience. This is exactly what the developers at Odiusfly did with Shapes online game. It is quite interesting to play that you will not even notice the hours you have spent already. This is most especially the case when you are starting to reach higher levels. You will begin to try and surpass the current level you reach. No matter how exhausting the premise of the game could be, it always guarantees a fun experience. Hence, Shapes for kids and adults alike is perfect.


Straightforward Gameplay




The bad thing about most puzzle games these days is that they offer lots of gameplay or features. For instance, there is a game that requires you to match certain items but you also to consider other in-game movements. Because if you do not do so, you will not be able to progress towards the next level. Shapes do it a whole much better by making sure that players are into one single purpose: matching shapes of the same color. That is it – you just have to do that to win in the game. Of course, to give the entire gameplay a bit of a twist, the pace tends to go faster as you progress. Still, that is an acceptable one to have!


Clean Graphics




Perhaps it is understandable for Shapes game to offer a clean and neat graphics element. After all, the gameplay is straightforward, so why try to make the graphics opposite? Fortunately, it is not. The graphics are tight and simple. The background is dark, so you could really concentrate on finding the right colors. If it had been yellow or other light colors, the gameplay itself will be beaten. Kudos to Odiusfly for having such stand on the game!

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