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About this Game

Ever heard of Simon Memory? It’s a class family memory game where you must repeat the sequence of colors on the device. Repeat the sequence as much as you can until you hit the wrong note! Can you recall long enough to do the same sequences over and over again or will you fall short?

That same classic gameplay is now brought in as a free online mini game in the form of a color tray! All you have to do now is to repeat after the lit up colors. Fail to click on the right color and it’s all back to square one for you.

You only have 3 lives per game so make sure you make them count!


Simon Memory Game Features:


Fun Original Simon Game for the Whole Family

If you have never played Simon Memory in your childhood, you’re missing out on a classic! This is how the game works:

Presented before you are 4 colors. As soon as you start the game, one of these colors starts to light up. What you need to do now is to press the color that lit up. When you press the right one, it will soon become two sequences this time and you have to repeat it. The more times you complete a sequence, the more colors the game is going to light up to the point where the lights are bleeping while you are suddenly stargazing and dreaming how to do the default dance in Fortnite.


Simon Memory


If you guess wrong, it’s game over for you and you have to start over. The game can be played solo; however, the game becomes even more fun when you bring in a family or friend! Take turns once a player has pressed the incorrect button. Rinse and repeat and you have a fun-filled time!


Classic Simon Memory in the Form of a Painting Theme

Bob Ross would be happy to play this game. Simon Memory is originally a tabletop hands-on button game but ever since its popularity, the game has become different versions in other video games, mostly for children.

So why did the developers choose a painting theme where the four colors are on top of a color tray where they existentially light up? No reason but who cares! Just look at the colors of the game, it’s so cute!


Simon Memory


A Game with 3 Lives

This Simon Memory is slightly different from the original game you know. Each time you boot up a new game, you get 3 lives like this is some sort of a platform game where a famous Italian plumber is suddenly playing Simon Memory instead of saving a princess from a castle where a lizard king resides.


Simon Memory


While the original game means it’s an instant game over when you press the wrong button, this version is kinder to you. When you make a wrong move, you get 2 lives more, giving you a better chance to outdo yourself with bigger and better points. Love puzzle games? Try Ocean Crash and Animal Connection today!

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