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About this Game

If you fancy treasure hunting deep within the jungle in search for gold or maybe just a fan of exploration and adventure flicks, then maybe you can assist the protagonist in the game featured on this page! Let me introduce you to Sir Bottomtight, explorer extraordinaire, retriever of a long-lost treasure, as he scours the dense and unexplored jungle in search for gold. But, he cannot do it alone and requires your assistance in his quest for fame and fortune.

Help our mighty explorer overcome every obstacle in his way by jumping or shooting in this endless runner game developed by the innovative minds at Blackmoon Dev studios. Want to give it a go? Simply click on the “Play Now” button at your screen to begin your exploration mission.


Sir Bottomtight Game Features:

Compared to other HTML5 browser game, Sir Bottomtight has quite a collection of notable features that make it stand out from the rest of the titles in its genre. One of this is the impressive audio-visual presentation which is comparable to some paid games.

Another thing is the fast-paced gameplay that comes with randomly generated levels every time you start a new game. Aside from that, it also features conveniently placed game controls to cater to touchscreen devices. Do you want to know more? Check out the overview of the most notable features of the game below.


Sir Bottomtight


Multiple Selection of Power-Ups

That is correct! To aid you with your treacherous adventures ahead, a selection of power-ups are available for purchase before the game begins. Each of these power-ups requires a certain number of idols to unlock. A better weapon in the game will require 10 idols while a double jump will cost you 15 idols.

If you want to acquire more idols, an idol magnet will cost you a total of seven idols, while getting a second chance in a single run will cost five idols. In other words, collecting those precious idols will not only be very beneficial to your future runs but to your idol acquisition as well.


Sir Bottomtight


Randomly Generated Levels

Adding to the challenge in Sir Bottomtight is the randomly generated stage at each start-up. A newly generated terrain, complete with its own set of enemy placements, is presented at the start of a new game. This results in an unpredictable gameplay that removes the bias of memorizing the game’s terrain. Not only that! This feature makes the endless running gameplay mechanics of the game more challenging and effective. Not to mention that each run feels like an entirely new adventure every time.


Sir Bottomtight


Challenging Gameplay and Diverse Collection of Enemies

Sealing the deal is the various collection of a beautifully crafted set of enemies wrapped in a stable and challenging gameplay mechanics. Despite the straightforward premise, Sir Bottomtight is a fine example of a game done right. It may be just a 2D browser game but it was able to integrate its narrative properly to the game’s core mechanics.


Sir Bottomtight


This results in an immersive fun game that you can play for hours on end. So, click on that “Play Now” button on your screen to begin your jungle expedition!

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