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About this Game

For those who love the challenge of traversing the alleyways of the urban jungle or those free-spirited individuals who like a good challenge from time to time, this game is for you! Well, the folks at Blackmoon Dev has developed a browser game that fits your lifestyle!

Skater Dude is an endless running skateboard-themed game that takes place within the concrete jungle! It features a challenging gameplay, diverse cast of characters, and the usual obstructions, represented by the usual things usually found at the heart of the city! Aside from having a decent gameplay mechanics, the game also features high definition graphics that contribute greatly to the immersive properties of the game. With that being said, get your skateboard ready and click on the “Play Now” button on your screen to begin your exploration!


Skater Dude Game Features:


Skater Dude as the name suggests is a game about skateboard exploration, presented in an endless downhill level and populated with various types of obstructions. This HTML5 game features more than just your typical endless running game due to the presence of some minute features rarely found in its genre. Aside from its fun cartoonish level and character designs, it also has a stable and challenging gameplay structure perfect for friendly competitions. Not to mention the randomly generated level that changes each time you start a new game! To provide you with a broader view about this attributes, check out the overview below pertaining to the features of this exciting game.


Skater Dude


Easy to Learn Control Scheme

Just like most HTLM5 games, Skater Dude features a control scheme designed for both touchscreen and keyboard/mouse gamers. Players can navigate the level by tapping on the left side of the screen to go down and right side to go up. Simple, right? Well, if pressing or clicking either part of the screen is simple, then it must come with a consequence to ensure a well-balanced gameplay. In other words, the purpose of integrating does not make the entire game easy. It’s there to make sure that you will have the necessary tool to overcome the challenges ahead.


Skater Dude


Challenging Skill-Based Gameplay

In relation to the first feature focused on the simple gameplay mechanics of the title, we will now take a quick overview of the featured challenges seen in Skater Dude. First of all, the game does not reward you for the distance you covered. Your score depends entirely on the number of paint spray cans you collect along the way. This means that you need to focus your attention on the placement of those items if you want to rake in a decent score. However, progressing further into the game also affects your speed making score accumulation even harder. This could be one of the reasons for the simplified control scheme of the game.


Skater Dude


Smooth Graphical Presentation

Skater Dude also features a well-done high-definition graphics that also contribute to the overall game experience. Having this element present in the game not only makes it more immersive but responsive as well. A very important feature or requirement in endless running games! So, if you’re ready to explore, click on the Play Now button on your screen and start collecting those cans.


Skater Dude

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