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About this Game

There is a thrill with the unknown and the chance to make it big is great adrenaline rush whether you would admit it or not. But of course not everyone can afford the risk and the costs just to get to some of the greatest gambling cities in the world.

Slot Fruit will let you enjoy the experience of the Las Vegas-style slot machines in a free online game of chance. CodeThisLab developed this game to be easy to get into and with no frills or complications.

Just input your chances and how much you want to bet and let chance take care of the rest. Hit spin and wait for the random number god decide whether you make it big or you just wasted a couple of dimes.


Slot Fruit Game Features:

Random Number Gods

There is a belief in many high-end games. Such may exist a demi-god of sorts that control your fate in the game of random numbers. Slot machines are the epitome of this concept as they rely completely on the random chance each spin.

Like everything else in a Las Vegas casino, the thrill of the rush is that you never know when you win big or go home. That is where the thrill is, luckily, the newer slot machine versions are a lot more forgiving and the chances of getting at least a little bit of something is much higher than before. It’s the kind where free slots turning into 777 makes the game always worthwhile.


Slot Fruit


You Gotta Dream Big

Of course, who are we kidding? The ultimate goal of any casino game player is to get the ultimate prize: the Jackpot! The chances of getting it are a million-to-one, give or take a couple hundred thousand. But still, that elusive prize will draw in thrill seekers and other adrenaline junkies alike.

And admittedly, winning the jackpot gives a massive dose of those happy hormones! The immense odds stacked up against your chances of getting it always give an overwhelming feeling. It is kind of like winning the lottery but somehow feels like there is a better possibility. And in a way, it is! Since there are multiple lines of patterns that can increase your odds of getting a perfect combination.


Slot Fruit


Straightforward Yet Addicting Fruity Slots

Unlike other casino games, slot machines have are so uncomplicated. Sure there are certain patterns and with twenty different possible line combinations, you might get shockingly overwhelmed at first.

But the fact of the matter is that Slot Fruit is like the actual slot machine game: You either win or you lose. That’s it. enter your bet then take a spin, and you will get almost instant results on whether you win or lose.

No need to memorize the many different lines of patterns! Just remember that the cherry and pear are the best combinations. Getting those on your patterns is something you definitely hope to see.


Slot Fruit

These fruit slots are free to play and there needs no real money involved here. It’s a classic slot machine game that has free bonus slots throughout! Fruit Slot is one of the best slot machine games to play for free online here on Games.lol! For other exciting games like this, check out Tower Mania and Grand Prix Hero!

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