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About this Game

Remember the time in the early 2000’s where beating the highest score in Snake was the hype? Well, now you can relive the awesome thrill of playing a snake that grows and grows until it no longer fits the screen.

Snake was the Candy Crush of the early 2000’s that almost every millennial played and got addicted to! Now, you can play the game in COLOR! With the same principle still at play, you can now play Snake Escape here at without having to download it on your PC!

Play this awesome adventure game on your PC and beat the highest score! This survival game will make you stay at the edge of your seat in every cautious turn you make!



Snake Escape


Snake Escape Online Game Features:


Colorful Snake Escape Game Online

Playing this game has never been more exciting! You can enjoy the green snake going around the maze eating mice, fruits, and other small animals. The game features a beautifully created 2D animation and great graphics that make this game a real treat for the eyes.

The game has cool gaming features that you will absolutely adore. With more vivid colors and features, there are more challenges and more obstacles to overcome.


Snake Escape


Two Gaming Modes for Better Gameplay

Snake Escape on PC has two game modes. The first game mode is the escape game mode where you complete challenges every level. There are about 20 levels to play and complete, and each level becomes even more challenging than the previous one.

In classic mode, you get to have different game features like escaping through a drain, entering an inter-dimensional tunnel leading you to another maze, and collecting food or bonus prizes. The second game mode is the classic mode. The classic mode is a survival game. The survival game lets you have your fun by choosing one maze to play in.

In the maze, you have to avoid the green thorny fence that will send your snake to the death toll. You have to keep eating the fruits or small animals. As the snake grows, it gets longer and longer and it also picks up speed, making the game even more challenging as you go along. And oh! You also have to avoid other popping objects that might kill your snake.


Snake Escape


Cool Graphics and Fun Challenges in Every Level

The game has very smooth graphics. The game offers amazing graphics that let you play in great color. The game has cool effects as well. The game is very easy to play but very hard to master. But nonetheless, it’s an awesome break game that is surely going to be worthy of your unspent time.


Classic Snake Escape Free Game Rules

Here in, you’ll love to know that we keep your gaming progress. For as long as you log into the same device, you can pick up where you left off. This way, you can enjoy your game and the levels you have collected. Play Snake Escape for free with very little ads and without having to download!


Snake Escape


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