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Soccer/Football will always be in our blood. And in the case of this particular game, it’s a good way to introduce soccer to kids! The simply-titled Soccer is a mix of endless runner and football that combines the mechanics of going through 3 lanes while dodging opponents and dribbling the ball towards the goal. Once you reach the goal line, it’s a make or break for you to either hit or miss but we guess you’ll never miss huh?

With a nice cartoony theme and delightful sound scoring, this soccer game is a welcoming virtual entertainment for kids! With very simple controls and enough skill-required moments, this is a sure way to keep the young player engaged.

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Soccer Game Features:


Fully-Fledged Soccer Game with Easy Controls!

You don’t need a lot of buttons to do dribbles, passes, kicks and catches. In Soccer, all you need is just the up and down buttons to switch between lanes going to the opponent’s goal and a single tap button to give you the chance to score against the opposing team! It’s that easy!

If you’re looking for one of the most casual soccer games out there especially something that is built for kids, then look no further than this. Even Messi will approve having his kids play this cute cartoony football game.




A Great Intro to Football for Kids 

It may not have 11 players on each team with their own positions nor any football manager that’s taking care of the entirety of the franchise but the essentials are there: The players are shortened to 5 v 5 and yes you can pass the ball by just going to the lane of the idling teammate.

Dodge incoming opponents who want the ball as much as you do by switching lanes. And once you get to the end of the field, you’ll be met with the goal post and the goalkeeper. Here you will have a mini game where you must press the button at the right time on the meter. Press wrong and the goalkeeper will catch your ball. Press correctly and your team will score!




But when the opponent has the ball, you also get the opportunity to steal it by going to the right lane where the ball handler is running along. If you clash together, you’ll automatically have the ball.

And yes, you can play as a goalkeeper too where you will be also met with a mini game button prompt that will either have you catch the opponent’s ball or fail to do so. It’s not the most immersive football game out there in the market right now but this surely serves as a good introduction to football for young players.


Play As The Goalkeeper!

The most exciting part in the game is being the goalkeeper. Just like shooting the ball, you’ll have to press the button at the right time on the meter! Hit the middle and you save the ball. Miss it and the opponents will score.



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