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About this Game

Solitaire does not need to be introduced to most players because players have already played this game at least once in their life. Different game developers released many iterations of the original game, but they did not change most of the mechanics of the game. Most of the free Solitaire PC games preserve the formula that makes this game popular to many people over the years. Here you will find answers, cheats, and walkthrough for Solitaire.




The Solitaire mini-game made by Tweensoft also stays true to the classic game by providing the same fun and excitement in this PC game. Originally offered as bundles for OS only, Solitaire by Tweensoft is now available to your PC browsers for free! You can now bring home the classic card game at the comfort of your own home and play Solitaire anytime.


Solitaire is your number one go-to game if you need a casual game to save you from boredom. This game is tried and tested when it comes to giving players the relaxation that they need after a long and tiring day. It is easy to play and does not require your hardcore skills in order to beat the game. However, it is also engaging enough to let you stay and play the game for hours.


How to Play Solitaire?


In the Solitaire mini-game, you will get a deck of cards, however, the deck does not include the Joker. There are 7 piles of cards in the table. The goal of the game is to sort the cards in decreasing order. Once you have sorted the cards into 4 piles, you win the game.




The Solitaire mini-game by Tweensoft is a great one to pick among other games in this genre. The game developers carefully created Solitaire with the players in mind. While this game does not feature fancy additions to the classic Solitaire, it captured the essence of the game in being simple and easy to play. Solitaire is perfect for your lazy days and it will definitely keep you hooked for hours on end. While the game does not offer other challenges that are part of the original Solitaire, it requires the players to finish the level in a specific set of time. Finish the game quickly and you will get higher scores. If you run out of time, the game will be over.




So, the next time that you are looking for a game to binge on while relaxing, you can try Solitaire. You will discover that the game can offer you lots of ways to enjoy this classic gem. If you want to get to start playing the game, you do not have to worry. We make it easy for you to access the Solitaire mini-game to your PC. Just click the Play Now link below and wait for the game to load. You do not have to download anything because the game will start in your browser without the need for installation. Start the game and lose yourself in the simple and classic game of Solitaire.

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