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About this Game

How would you like to earn hundreds of dollars by collecting crystals in the space? Play Space Miner in your PC and do just that!  Just like other space miner games, you can get rich through collecting the correct crystals. In this cool game for pc, you can practice how to earn dollars while you are waiting for your break to be a millionaire. You can have fun clicking your mouse and collecting those crystals before time runs out. If you are looking for free online games that will keep you entertained for hours, Space Miner is the game that will keep you glued to your screen. Why? Because you can’t stop collecting crystals and be rich. Play the game now for free and let the good times roll!


Space Miner


Space Miner Game Features:

If you’re looking for a game that will take you to space and beyond, look no further as Space Miner will do just that. Combining its stunning graphics and ethereal sounds with its simple gameplay, anyone playing the game will certainly get lost in space.  When you play the game you’ll find yourself going deeper into the corners of the galaxy. Read on to find out more features about the game:


Can You Collect All Crystals Before the Time Runs Out?

In this amazing space mining game, you are given a set of time to collect all the crystals. If you are not fast enough, your time will run out and your chance to earn your target amount. Don’t let that happen, be quick and keep clicking your mouse for more chances of earning.


Space Miner


The Bigger the Crystal, the Bigger the Value

There are four types of crystals that you must collect: a red one, a green and two golden crystals. Each crystal varies in size.  The bigger the size of the crystal, the higher the value and the bigger the amount you earn. Although the value is high, the big crystal also takes time to get to the spaceship, mainly because it is heavy. Just avoid hitting on the strange looking thing because your time will get deducted and it would be harder to collect all crystals.


Space Miner


Futuristic Graphics and Background Music

The setting of the Space Miner online game is very innovative.  As the main character is an alien riding on his spaceship, he has a cute and likable appearance that will surely interest gamers of all ages and genre preference. The color combination is so great, the galaxy looks remarkable in all shades of violet. Of course, futuristic graphics deserves a piece of equally technopunk-like music. If you have nice speakers, you will appreciate the sound effects even more, especially when you get a crystal.  Similarly, when you accidentally hit the wrong item, you will hear a loud crashing sound and that makes the game more exciting.


Space Miner


Plenty of Levels to Complete

The game Space Miner has plenty of levels that you can complete. If you are in the mood to have loads of fun while playing, this space mining wars game will not disappoint you. Collect as many crystals as you can and make yourself the richest creature in the universe. Play the game for free on your PC.   We promise you that this little alien will keep you company and entertained during your free time.  If you enjoyed this game, you might as well wish to play Space Miner 2.

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