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About this Game

Wakey wakey little wizzies!  This game will surely get you pumped up with cuteness overload! These tiny creatures called the wizzies need your help big time! Wake them up to remove them by matching 3 or more of these creatures and connecting them all. You can connect them vertically, horizontally or diagonally. There is never one choice! Mix it up! Be strategic in matching and collecting them! Make as many matches and connections as you can! Although you have to take note that you only have limited moves depending on the challenge per level! There could be goo along the way but you only have less than 15 moves to finish the game. Just be ready with whatever challenge that comes along the way! 


Sun Charms


Sun Charms Matching Game Features: 


Cute and Vibrant Graphics 

The cute and vibrant illustration makes it even more fun and exciting to play the game! These cute furry monsters called wizzies are in dire need of waking. Get your matching skills ready to wake them up! The bright colors of the wizzies make it much easier to connect them and to find their connection with other wizzies because they simply stand out. That way, you create longer chains and you get to fill in the meter required at each level!


Simple Mechanics 

This game has a simple objective. Match and connect the wizzies of the same colors. You can connect them horizontally, vertically, diagonally and more. Connect three or more of the wizzies to win the game. The longer the chain, the better! This way, you get to fill in that meter to get past the level. Make use of your moves wisely. Don’t waste them! Get them connected with longer chains. If you fill the meters early and you got some moves left, it could be used as a row or column remover in the game!  


Level Progression 

This game has different levels and progresses you towards a much more exciting one! Every time you enter a new level, a new twist comes in! Either you get goo balls along the way, or you are tasked to create long chains of wizzies, this game is surely an adventure! No dull and boring times because every level opens a new task and challenge! It’s not necessary to match and connect them quickly but it is better to do it as fast as you can so you can finish most of the levels in the game! Exciting times ahead so jump in the fun and don’t miss out playing Sun Charms now! 


Sun Charms


Remove Goo Balls 

Remove the sticky goo by matching the wizzies that have goo in it! Popping the goo balls will help you get past the level. You can remove and pop all the sticky goo by connecting wizzies over it. Take note of the colors covered in goo so you know which ones to take out. Take them out with the use of your color coding skills. 



Like any other game, you will get the best result the more that you play the game! Expose more of yourself in the game. Discover the ins and outs so you can do more! This is very straightforward but this game needs more than commons sense! For this game, a keen eye is a good thing to have as well as fast thinking.


Sun Charms

Take Some Rest 

This game can get you really addicted! So, if you have not started playing the game yet, beware! This is going to be so addicting you would not want to stop playing. But don’t let this game eat you! Take some time off every once in a while to rest your eyes and your brains. As simple as the mechanics are, it is still straining if you played it for too long.  

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