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Sushi Matching

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About this Game

With tons of matching games out there, wouldn’t you opt to match your favorite Japanese food together instead? Match sashimi, maki rolls, ebi, and many more! Enjoy this delicious matching game that will make you drool as you play! 


Your gaming experience just becomes more enjoyable when you join a fun-filled matching game with tons of levels to complete. Sushi Matching on PC is definitely one of the best matching games available online since it allows you to travel to the country of Japan! 


You won’t find any sushi-related gameplay that is as fun and as interesting as Sushi Matching Game Online! This fantastic Mini-Game is finally available here at! Now, you can enjoy more matching games and Puzzle Mini-Games like Cookie Crush 3 to your heart’s content!


Sushi Matching


Sushi Matching Online Game Features:


Cheering Sushi Master

One of the things that you’ll love about this game is that it really perks you up to play! You have the sushi master cheering up for you as you play the game. And when we say cheer up for you, it’s a great deal of cheering and gives total moral support to the character, which makes you enjoy the game even more!


Sushi Matching


Easy Breezy and Fun Gameplay

There are tons of matching games out there but this game has a really fun gameplay with cool and funky sound effects! The game is super easy to play. You just have to match at least three sushi of the same type to eliminate them.
Sushi Matching
Take note that in this game, you have a really tight timeline and you have a required number of specific sushi to pop. So, not only are you racing against time, but you have to be really keen on your math and complete the challenge before the time runs out. And when you do, you’re going to have a massive cheering from your number one fan, the sushi master!


Sushi Matching


Interesting and Cool Theme 

Who doesn’t love Japan? From the language, the theme, the map where you can find amazing sushi – which can be found near the coastline of the Japanese archipelago – the Japanese theme is 100% evident in this sushi matching game!


The game is really made and inspired by Japan. You also get to explore Japanese expressions and dance with the Japanese rhythm as you play the game. Sushi Matching is a real cultural treat! This way, you also get to have a simulation of how it feels like to be surrounded by everything about Japan.


Sushi Matching


Epic Sushi Matching 2D Animation

The game has phenomenal cartoonish graphics. The images featured have bold and vivid colors which all make Sushi Matching on PC a treat for gamers! This is definitely a great game to play and enjoy with your kids. Sushi Matching is anime-inspired with a traditional Japanese cuisine theme!

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