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About this Game

Take the greatest challenge to your friends and family on a one-on-one battle where the winner takes all and the loser gets sore fingers. Tap For Fun is a simple game of furious tapping! Just be careful not to break the controls.

Find a friend or practice against a computer in a battle of finger strength and courage. It may be called Tap For Fun, but make no mistake, it is a fight to the finish! This is THE tap game you and your buddy don’t want to miss.

This IndieDevs game can be played without any need to download or install anything. Just click and play right away! No internet connection required either. You just need an opponent willing to put their finger muscles on the line for pride and for glory!


Tap For Fun Game Features:


Get Ready To Rumble

Tap For Fun is exactly that, a tapping game for fun. But the premise is not so fun after you challenge a few rivals to find out who is the most awesome king of the taps. Get ready for an all-out brawl and some hilarious battles.

This is a game that requires live interaction and some actual warmups and stretching, after all, fingers have muscles too. No kidding, especially if you know some extra competitive people, things can get quite hairy. It is a good idea to be careful that nothing gets broken, whether the game, controls, or a finger or two.


Tap For Fun


Real Offline Connections

In a world focusing so heavily on online interaction, Tap For Fun truly delivers a breath of fresh air to experience a game made for real connections. There is no internet connectivity in this game, but real life person-to-person interaction.

And that really is the best thing about Tap For Fun, because you will never beat the fun and engagement of playing with another human being. They say “no man is an island” and this game makes it very true. We are social creatures, and a lot of the time online will not be enough.

You get to set the rules. Only allow one finger? Or maybe you wanna go all out and allow two? Maybe start up a tournament? Whatever you wanna do, just make sure to break out the snacks and load up some drinks because it is going to be a very long night of fun and laughter for everyone.


Tap For Fun


Mindless Fun Is Best Fun

Many games stand out with extremely complex plotlines delivered with A-list voice acting and jaw-dropping graphics that will make you drool. And yeah, these are the big high-profile moneymakers. And then, there are also those little gems that you glaze over that are so addictively fun that you just cannot stop. Who said you need to play high-budget games for you to have fun?

IndieDevs has accomplished the latter with Tap For Fun. Making use of the most basic controls and a single action, who knew it was enough for loads of laughter and some energetic social experiences with your best of friends, most heated rivals, and extended families.

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