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About this Game

Do you fancy playing block puzzle games? If you do, then TenTrix is a game for you! TenTrix is a free online game similar to the famous Tetris puzzle game with a mix of 1010. This game will challenge your brain and strategic skills. Find out how high you can score by arranging the pieces to form full rows and columns. With vibrant palettes and brightly-colored shapes, this game will capture your attention in no time! If you are looking for free games online that you can play on your PC during your free time, try TenTrix and relax your busy mind. This game is stress-free and completely free. No download required, just click the link and play! There may be different TenTrix games online but nothing beats the version.




TenTrix Game Features:

Where else can you find a game that you and your kids can both play? TenTrix of course! A fun-filled block puzzle game that doesn’t pressure you into frustration, anyone playing this will surely fall in love with it. Read on to find more features about the game:


A Game for All Ages

If you have played TenTrix by Agame, you can easily say that TenTrix is a very easy game that is perfect for all ages. No matter your age and genre preference, you will surely take pleasure in the game. Kids will surely take pleasure in arranging the shapes and colorful blocks while adults would have fun challenging their brains and coming up with the best strategies to stack the blocks without running out of moves. The game is very simple and free-to-play for all.




No Pressure, Pure Fun Only

Unlike other block puzzle games, TenTrix doesn’t have those annoying blocks that keep on falling endlessly. In this Tetris-inspired game, you just have to place the given blocks below the screen onto the canvas. There is also no time limit, so you can take all the time you want to arrange the blocks. Your only challenge is to fit all the blocks properly without running out of space for the new set of blocks. If you are looking for ways to release the stress of work, you can click and play this game and the next thing you know the stress that is eating you is gone.


Arrange Vibrant Blocks

In this TenTrix free game, blocks are shaped as if you are looking at the top view of a pyramid and each cluster has its own unique vibrant color. The neon colored clusters and binary Matrix-style background will keep you hooked in this game in no time.




Play Endlessly

There is no end in the game, you can play as much as you want. If you run out of moves, you can just start the game all over. We are sure that the futuristic theme and the funky music will make you play the game over and over. They say that the best things in life are free and we think TenTrix lives up to that phrase, you can enjoy the game without paying a single cent. So what are you waiting for? Keep your mind busy and play TenTrix now and join the millions of other players around the world that just can’t get enough of arranging those blocks!

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