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The Right Colors


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About this Game

What used to be a pick a color game on snapchat is now on PC! Deciding for a color is never this complicated in The Right Color online; a cool puzzle game that will surely test your visual reflexes. How fast can you tell if the color displayed matches with the text? Can you give your answer in a split second? Take up the challenge and play The Right Color PC. This is one of the best pick a color question games because of its tricky gameplay and confusing choices. You have to prepare your eyes and brain before you play the game.


The Right Colors


Play in endless levels, pick a choice under a few seconds and earn the highest score you can get. Record your achievement and challenge your other friends to see who’s got the best eye reflex. Click and play The Right Color online now!


The Right Color PC Features:

Sometimes, the most simple of games can be the ones the will give you the greatest challenge. Hence, The Right Color is a great pick a color game with lots of stages to hone yourself. Boasting of an infinite level, players can be in the game for hours and play as long as they want. Moreover, while the game has a fairly simple objective, executing it will be the trickiest part of all. Curious about it? Read on to find out more about the game’s features:


Infinite Levels

There are no levels 1-100. Play as long as you want, as many games as you can. If your aim is to get a high score of 100 or more, then play the game without making one single mistake. There are a lot more in store for you. Just prepare yourself because The Right Color game is fast-paced and the texts or colors might trick your eyes.


The Right Colors


Fast-Paced, Tricky Gameplay

The rules are easy. If the colors match the text displayed, tap the green button. If it doesn’t, tap the red button with an X on it. However, the gameplay becomes tricky the moment you start playing it. That’s what makes it fun and challenging! As you gain points from getting the right answers, the game will display the texts and colors at a fast pace too. So, it’s a race between how fast you can process the display and how quick you can tap the right button.


Focus, Focus, Focus!

Your focus would be the reason why you win or lose. Sit in a quiet room and put all your 100% concentration on the game. Once you can focus on the screen, there’s a high chance that you can get the answers right. There shouldn’t be distractions while playing because the colors and text will trick your eyes.


The Right Colors


Play Against the Clock

In The Right Color PC, you would be playing against yourself and the clock. There is no obvious time displayed on the screen, but you would notice that as you progress in the game, the display disappears very fast. That’s why it can create an optical illusion, which makes you think that the color is green even though the text says orange. So be careful and get ready!

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