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The Spirits of Kelley Family


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About this Game

Play detective on this mystery adventure game called The Spirits of the Kelley Family! You are tasked to explore the abandoned home of the Kelleys and search for clues about what really happened to the family in 1962. You are on your own, so use your resourcefulness and creativity to look for necessary clues, collect useful items, and piece together the real story of the Kelleys!  


Collect diary pages to get a peek at how the Kelleys used to spend their days in the house. It is, however, believed that their spirits are still trapped at the home in form of gems. It is up to you now to find these gems successfully within the house! But before that, you have to open locked doors and solve puzzles to gain access to the house’s many rooms.


The Spirits of Kelley Family Walkthrough and Game Features: 


Explore the Kelley Family Home Endlessly 

The Spirits of Kelley Family game will leave you figuring out how you can go around the house and solve the ultimate mystery. At the start of the game, you will be led to a common room where you will find a diary page at the center. This will instruct you to find the gems that entrap the members of the Kelley family in their abandoned home. After that, you need to look around and click on other rooms to find more clues.  


Start by clicking on the nearby drawer in the first room. Here, you will find a hammer that you can collect. Then, go to the nearby dining room where you will find another diary page. Use the hammer to break one chair and collect the broken pieces of wood therein. You will need this wood to fix the stairs in the next room.   


The Spirits of Kelley Family



Solve Puzzles and Mysteries 

The game is an endless mystery and exploration game. Many doors may remain locked at the start of the game, and it’s okay to leave them for the moment when you still don’t have the key to open it.   


You can always go back to any room if you still need to open doors, solve a puzzle, or collect a hidden item. Collectible or clickable items are more noticeable because they tend to look more detailed and brightly colored compared to the other items and accessories in the house.  


The Spirits of Kelley Family



Use Your Items Creatively and Resourcefully 

The game will not teach you how to solve puzzles or give hints as to how each collected item can be used. You only have to figure these out yourself! So always watch out for clues. Whenever you collect a new item, always take note that they are collected for a reason! So if you found a key, this means that a room or case might be opened by it.   


The Spirits of Kelley Family


The hammer for one can be used to break floorboards and a part of the roof. Most of all, dont forget to collect diary pages, for these contain the stories that will help you solve the mystery of the Kelley family! 

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