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The Stones of the Pharaoh


The Stones of the Pharaoh Play Free Games on Gameslol

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The Stones of the Pharaoh is a block puzzle game that requires you to do one thing: to eliminate all similar patterns at once until the whole level is clear. You don’t need to swipe positions here or even rearrange falling shapes of blocks but rather you’re given a set of various premade challenges for you to solve and to make sure you tap on at least 2 patterns that are beside each other. Tap on a solo pattern and you lose a life.

Do you think you have what it takes to solve all the given stone challenges created by the Pharaoh himself? You’ll just have to find it out yourself. Play it right now for free directly on PC!


The Stones of the Pharaoh Game Features:


Block Puzzle Classic Rules and Gameplay in Just One Tap

In a world where the puzzle genre is overrun by block puzzle games with swiping mechanics and falling tetraminos, one block puzzle game dares to stand out from the rest: The Stones of the Pharaoh.

It is perhaps one of the simplest puzzle games ever made with the most challenging stages to solve. No seriously, even at just Level 3, you’re going to have to think deep already. The complexity of the challenges is how they make up for the simplicity of the game mechanics.



What you have to do is to make sure you tap on a pattern that happens to be together with a similar pattern. You must click on at least 2 patterns stuck to each other.

Tap just a solo pattern and you lose one life! Why? We don’t know but there’s something about the Pharaoh not liking you clicking on just one and he punishes you for it. No seriously, the protagonist lets out a bad groan everytime you only choose one.

If Gaben is afraid of the number 3, then the Pharaoh is afraid of the number 1.


A Series of Complicated Challenges

This is the Dark Souls of block puzzle games (forgive us for the stereotypical metaphor). You’d think you’re a genius and all when you accomplish the first two levels but noooo it actually gets harder as the levels go by. Even at level 3, the game already punishes you with a set of different patterns that turn out to not match at all by the end of the stage.

Warning: 5000 IQ is required to finish the final 3 levels of the game.



Nice Ancient Egypt Theme

We’re not exactly sure why the developers chose ancient Egypt as a theme but we’re glad it did. Match the patterns with old hieroglyphics and rare gems, rubies, and sapphires that are scattered throughout the game.



We’re also not certain why the Pharaoh wants these treasures gone but for some reason, they disappear when you click on them like it’s a curse from Ra himself.

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