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About this Game

Are you looking for a fun casual game while on your break? Click and play Timberman online and feel the same rush and thrill you felt when playing Flappy Bird! Chop all those wood and avoid the deadly branches. Play against the ticking of the clock and challenge yourself to become faster at chopping those trees. Timberman arcade game is an old-school type of game that looks easy to play but difficult to master. Beat your own high score by playing more and mastering your skills.


Take your ax and play Timberman PC and chop the wood as fast you can. Do you want to know why millions of players love this game? Read more to find out.


Timberman Mini Game Features:

A mini-game like Timberman takes you on an adventure as you try to chop as many woods as you can. Highlighted by user-friendly controls and an arcade vibe that will give you all the throwback feels, the game will have you playing for hours on end. You can even play with another friend for a quick timberman vs timberman race! Check out more features below:


Easy Game Controls

There are no complicated game controls for Timberman online. All you have to do is use your touchpad or mouse and click the right or left side of the tree as you chop the infinite tree. You can chop from either side as long as you are not hit by the falling branches. It may sound simple but as the game progresses, you will hurt your pointy finger aiming for a high score!


Arcade Game Style

Play Timberman with the nostalgia of an arcade game. Timberman arcade game has this sharp and clean 8-bit graphics that makes it simple to look at but very satisfying. When you play it on your PC, it doesn’t lag. There are no other complications because all you have to do is chop and chop until you run out of time. Aside from that, enjoy the simplicity of the graphics just like those of your favorite arcade games.




Don’t Let Your Life Meter Run Out

The more you chop, the higher the score you will get. Aside from avoiding the branches, you should also mind the life meter. Take note of it as you have to play against the clock. Once it runs out, it will be game over for you too. Remember this tip, chopping nonstop will fill the lost life. As you chop more and gain more score, the life meter will remain static. But if you stop chopping the wood for a while or if you chop slowly, it will run out fast.


Learn Strategies to Efficiently Win

Timberman online is a challenging game that makes you use your logical skills. Strategies like chopping on the dominant side, the rules of 2s and 4s are learned as you play the game. You would notice that it’s easier for you to chop on the dominant side. Players found it efficient to do this, as well as learning the rules of 2s and 4s. Usually, after two or four chops, the branches would come down. So count to 2 or 4 before you switch sides, and then you’re good to go. The game has this complicated nature that makes it addicting. As long as you formulate these strategies, you can definitely win the game.




As a side note, we just want to say you’re going to love the Timberman game song! It’s too catchy.

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