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About this Game

Shoot up all the bad guys in the new and exciting free mini-game Top Shootout for PC. In this fast-paced arcade shooter, you need to stop the bad guys who are hiding in the saloon to kill you. You need to be quick in shooting and fast in reloading because these goons will not hesitate to shoot you in every opportune time. Keep the peace and emerge as one of the best sheriffs in the county. Learn more about Top Shootout’s walkthrough and find out how to download this free mini-game.


Top Shootout


Top Shootout is a great game to play if you are looking for something that will kill your time away. With simple controls and exciting gameplay, the game will surely get you on the edge of your seat. Improve your reflexes and show off your shooting skills in the free Top Shootout mini-game for PC.


Top Shootout for PC provides a brand-new experience for fans of the shooter genre. While it is not as action-packed as most FPS games out there, this mini-game offers a refreshing take to one of the most popular game genres in the world. You get to be a sheriff in a violence-torn county and prove that you are the right one for the job by eliminating all the threat and killing the criminals that are raging terror in your territory. Be sure that you are quick to click and reload because you will never know when these criminals will attack you. Aim for the head and get high scores in Top Shootout.


Fast Gameplay


Top Shootout


The rule of the game is simple – when the criminals show themselves you need to kill them as fast as you can. However, as the game progresses, many criminals show themselves at once which gives you a hard time to aim because once the clock expires, they will start to shoot you. You also have to consider that there are civilians that are caught in the gunfire, and you have to be careful not to shoot them because once you do, you are dead. Kill all the criminals and collect the bounty that you can use for the succeeding missions.


Top Shootout


The free Top Shootout mini-game for PC is the best game that you can play if you need something that can jumpstart your day. This mini-game will surely energize you with its fast gameplay and engaging content.


Amazing 3D Graphics


Top Shootout


Most hardcore gamers diss mini-games and HTML5 games because they believe that these games could not simply provide the same gaming experience that complete and full-pledged PC games can offer to the gaming community. For them, mini-games look and feel boring and are not worth anyone’s time. However, this is not the case with Top Shootout for PC. This mini-game is a 3D game with amazing graphics considering that it is a lightweight game. There is so much in the detail that it actually looks up to par with some of the PC games that have been released in recent years. It is also a very smooth and fluid game that is a joy to play with.


Play Top Shootout mini-game today and keep the peace in the Wild West!

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