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About this Game

Do you like stacking games that have you balancing chunks of stories for a building? Tower Mania is one of those games that will test your reflexes and dexterity! Unlike others where each layer is placed down and wobbles depending on the position, Tower Mania is more of an “equilibrium” type of game where each time the stack exceeds the center of the base, those excess parts of the stack gets cut off!

And if you’re not careful enough, you’ll end up stacking with just a few inches of a layer! It’s a fun-filled casual game that’s fast-paced and exciting. What are you waiting for? Stack up now!

Tower Mania is available as a free mini-game online that you can play for hours and hours!


Tower Stack Game Features:

A game that has a fast-paced dynamic coupled with some of the most famous landmarks around the globe, Tower Mania promises to have your stacking cravings and have fun all throughout. Read on to know more features of the game:


Fast-Paced Stacking Action!

This game will not forgive you if you’re into a more laid-back gameplay because Tower Mania is all about being fast with both your eyes and your reflexes!
Stacking games are always about putting the layer down on the center perfectly and make sure the building does not wobble as it keeps on stacking up. In Tower Mania, they removed that wobble in exchange for a quicker element; the game will remove any excess parts of the layer as long as it exceeds the standard foundation of the base. If you aren’t careful, you’re going to end up stacked with just a few inches of a layer! Yikes!


Tower Mania

What’s the best way to do this? Don’t think about it, just do it! No seriously, the more you overthink each layer, the more chances of it get cut out by a large degree! The layers also move fast so to counteract that, you’ll have to click fast too!


Stack Up on Famous Landmarks Through Different Time Periods!

Tower Mania has 4 stages to choose from Ancient Egypt, Medieval Europe, Modern America, or Futuristic Asia. Whichever you pick, it’s always fun to stack up on the buildings!

You’ll start off with Ancient Egypt; complemented with the theme and feel of the time when Egypt was mighty and authoritative. The Pharaoh wants you to build up something that will reach the heavens where the gods reside.

Tower Mania


In the Medieval stage, the king needs you to stack up on a tower that will oversee the enemies. Make that fortress indestructible, squire.

In the Modern stage, you’ll have to show off to other business about the pride of your own building and be crowned the world’s tallest tower.

The Future stage has you creating a radio tower to be able to connect to the world with the full glory of your entertainment business.


Stacking Isn’t Easy. You Need Power-ups

The game’s stacking system is easier said than done when it comes to fast-piling. You’re going to need the game’s boosters to get the upper hand versus late game stacking.
Buy an extra life, a kickstart, a replay, or double your coins to increase your chances of beating your own high score!


Tower Mania


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