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About this Game

Have you ever played a classic endless runner game called Jetpack Joyride? Yeah, that was a game of beauty. If you’re looking for a great spin-off, look no further than UFO Run! In an alternate universe, you get to play as a fun-loving alien who’s testing out his high-tech jetpack made from the same technology for his UFO!

You are placed in a training area where you must take full control of your jetpack and making sure you don’t lose your life within the training grounds. Nobody wants to die in the training grounds.

Featuring an astonishing soundtrack, responsive jump controls, and fun multipliers to stack up on, UFO Run isn’t just another endless runner game – it’s an addictive kind of endless runner game!


UFO Run Game Features:


Classic Side-Scrolling Endless Runner Gameplay

If you’ve never played Jetpack Joyride ever, you’re missing out on one of the best version of the endless runner genre! But if you did miss it out, UFO Run feels exactly just like that. While the name of the game may say Run, the game is mostly leaning more on to the jumping and gliding elements.

Running is one part but nothing feels as exhilarating as being able to use a jetpack! Who doesn’t want to try out a jetpack anyway? Only people with a fear of technology would. The controls are responsive and gliding in mid-air feels fluid and free, instantly making this as one of the best endless runner games ever made. There’s just so much variety for a mini game!




One Click to Control It All

While most endless runner games have you swiping left, right, up, down and sometimes tap, this one only needs one button: The one-click button that you can either use to hold or do single taps.

If you don’t press anything, all you’ll do is just run on the ground which is good for when obstacles are on high areas. Tap once and your alien will skip. Hold the button and you’ll see your alien soaring in mid-air with his successful jetpack. Release the hold and he’ll come floating down like he’s Mary Poppins, ya’ll.




Responsiveness of this tap layout is perfect as the latency is very low which makes controls feel tight and has you in full command of the game and that’s what we love the most. Complimented by a rocking soundtrack, pleasing graphics and animations, this is one endless runner game you shouldn’t be missing out on.


Style Points and Achievements Galore! 

The game rewards you for going above and beyond (both figuratively and literally) than just collecting coins. When you commit a near miss near an obstacle, you get rewarded with points. The same thing goes for when you complete a whole pattern of coins within an area.




Who said only humans can be stylish? From the words of Buzz Lightyear, “This isn’t flying, this is gliding…with style” 

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