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About this Game

Serve up some Yummy Taco in this fast-paced time management game by BlackMoonDev. You play as a proud owner of a taco stand and have to serve the hungry Mexican population that comes up to you for their all-time favorite meal!

So you think you work well under pressure? Well, try your hand in selling customized yummy tacos for each customer that stop by. Make sure you do not keep them waiting for too long or they will get pretty pissed. If you do, you’ll lose good income and you’ll go Ay Cabron at the end of the day.

Each stage challenges you to do better with new ingredients that add to the difficulty and a constantly counting down the clock. Your goal is simple, serve up muy caliente tacos until you reach or exceed the set profit amount within the allotted time! What are you waiting for, amigo? Go out there and serve the best tacos! Andale!

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Yummy Taco Game Features: 

It Is All About Revolving Customers

It will always be busy days for you. Each stage of Yummy Taco challenges you to earn or exceed a specified profit within a given time frame. You have got to keep the customers rolling in otherwise you will easily miss the mark.

With only three seats available, you cannot dawdle with anyone in order to make sure those seats are always occupied by a new customer. That is the only way you will get to reach the profit margin required for each stage.


Yummy Taco


There Are Two Clocks

Aside from the overall time frame for each stage, every customer also has their own timer for when they lose their cool. No clock displays for that but you can tell when a customer gets anxious due to their impatience. Ay caramba!

If they wait for too long, they start moving more erratically. So, it is best to give them a priority. Otherwise, they will get upset and walk away; costing you some precious time and losing out on the potential earnings they could have given you.


Yummy Taco


Work Smart To Move Faster

Time management games like Yummy Taco are all about being efficient. Memorizing the ingredients and being fast on the uptake. It is not necessarily efficient to work on a first come first serve basis because sometimes the first customer to arrive has a complicated order that can cause you to delay someone else with a simpler order.

As you progress through the stages things will get a whole lot harder with even more ingredients to work with and even drinks that you have to serve to customers as well. Getting customers satisfied and off the queue serves as the most efficient methods to keep things moving.


Yummy Taco


You Cannot Please Everyone

Once you get to later stages, things get complicated. With the sheer amount of ingredients you have to manage, you might have to turn away a few customers. Deciding whether or not a certain customer’s order is doable within the time frame is crucial. Think of it like actually serving tacos to a full line of hungry customers.

Sure, you may lose out on the potential earnings but if you keep the customers rolling in by completing faster orders and freeing up the seat, then you can still make up for everything you lost. Things do add up eventually and making snap decisions is a vital skill in the Yummy Taco game.


Yummy Taco

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