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About this Game

Nothing beats a game that is both easy to play and simple to use. Game developer Samuele Sciacca puts minimalism to the next level with the Zero mini-game for PC. Eliminating the fancy graphics and flashy backgrounds that most people find in modern games, Zero is a stunning treat not because of how colorful it is but because of how simple the game look. In fact, the game is only made in two-toned colors, with the dots and the platform made in white and the background in black. Aside from the minimalistic approach to the game’s graphics, another thing that makes this mini-game interesting is the straightforward mechanics. You just need to avoid the white dot from leaving the circle. You might not need to consult any Zero walkthrough or cheat for answers. It is that easy! Well, is it really easy?




Zero really stands out in the gaming industry that is saturated with games that do not have depth. Most of the developers just bank in the graphics of the game, throwing in the most beautiful 3D rendering capabilities in every game they make. They make money just by giving gamers a gorgeous game even if the plot, story, or mechanics is the same. However, this is not the case with Zero. The goal of the developer of the game might be to provide a game that players will enjoy without having to rely on the graphical side. That’s why Zero will not disappoint you even though it looks pretty simple. Read on to learn the features of this amazing puzzle game.


Fluid Puzzle Game


Millions of players around the world enjoy the Zero mini-game is a browser game. The game is in HTML5 which is the standard platform that developers of browser games use. It has superseded Flash because of its superior speed and security. This is the reason why when you try to play Zero, you will notice that the game is fast and responsive even during quick animations and fast movements in the screen. You will not have any problem with the game even if you do not have the fastest computer out there because Zero is designed to be run smoothly regardless of the specifications of your computer. It is a lightweight game that does not take up much of your computer’s resources.




Endless Platform Puzzles


Zero also features endless platform puzzles that will give countless hours of fun. In the game, you need to control the platform by pressing the left and right keys. The goal of Zero is to not let the dot to escape the circle. You have to be quick because the speed of the game increases as you last longer. If you fail to save the dot, you will come back to level 1 and you have to make your way again to the higher levels by preventing the dot from leaving the circle. You can also unlock various backgrounds for the game with the points that you accumulate. No need to read an endless walkthrough and look for cheats just to find the answers to Zero levels.




Are you ready to take on the challenge and test your reflex skills? Play the Zero mini-game to your PC now for free!

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