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About this Game

Unlock the boxes and free all of Piggy’s friends. You can do so by matching the boxes to their corresponding colored keys. Get them to the right keys by following the arrows directed in the box. As you complete every level, one step at a time, you also move on to greater levels that require more of your brain! For the first few levels, the puzzles are very straightforward and easy but then it gets more and more complicated than before. More features of the game are also unlocked when you play more.


Aside from the usual one tap, one tile movement, there are certain levels where boxes are one tap but move all the way to the end of the row. In that case, another fresh strategy should come out of the existing ones to get past the levels! One level can be so quick that you would not even realize how far you’ve come. This just shows how Zippy Boxes is never dull and boring! What are you waiting for? Play the Zippy Boxes online now! 


Zippy Boxes


Zippy Boxes Game Features: 


Cute Graphics 

This game has simple graphics and solid use of vibrant colors, making it fun and cute for players of all ages! Because of the use of bright colors, the players can easily match the boxes to the keys that they belong to. It also makes the game fun and enjoyable! The color scheme compliments the vibe of the background music, which makes it even greater with the whole playing experience!  


Simple Mechanics 

The objective of the game is very simple. You only need to bring the colored boxes to the keys of the same color to unlock them. You can do that by following the direction of the arrow attached to the boxes. You can move the boxes by simply tapping the box and it will automatically move in the direction of its arrow. There are solid arrows marked as triangles in the box. These arrows hop one box per tap. Meanwhile, there are also arrows with layers on them. These arrows are those that only require one tap and it will automatically go straight to the end of the row or column or until they reach the location of the keys. 


Zippy Boxes



You have to get the vision of your next move. This would help you get your eyes fixed and focused on the goal—which is to match the boxes and the keys!  


Plan Strategically 

You don’t just push the boxes to their direction. This game intends you to think critically and analyze every step that each of the boxes has to take. There are certain positions of the boxes wherein one box is getting in the way of the other box. So, you have to make sure that you create ways to get the boxes where they are supposed to be. This is quite difficult at first as you try to think of ways to get them to the right places, but you will learn it for sure as you play the game.  



They say practice makes perfect or as others say, better! The more you play the game, the more you will become better in planning your directions. Others recognize it as muscle memory or brain memory to function faster when you keep on doing the same things. So, get ready to be in the habit of playing this game because it will certainly bring you more challenges in the next levels. 


Redo the Levels if You Did Not Get It on Your First Try  

Mistakes happen all the time and in this game, even when you plan out things, it may not go the way you want it to! But don’t worry! You don’t need to fret because you can just redo the levels in case of wrong moves. Just remember the correct move so you don’t always have to redo the levels.  


Zippy Boxes


Know the Real Story  

Unlock the boxes and you will find out that all of Piggy’s friends are trapped inside. All these cute little creatures are trapped in the game and need saving. Help them get out of there by finding where the keys are. Direct these boxes using the arrows they’re pointing to.  

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