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Zombie Invasion


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About this Game

The zombies are on the run! Do everything that you can in the zombie apocalypse. Kill all zombies that get in your way in the Zombie Invasion game for PC. In this exciting free HTML5 mini-game, you get to protect your base from zombies trying to overrun the city. Armed with the ability to kill zombies just by clicking your mouse, you need to be as fast as you can in killing the hordes of undead and eliminate the threat. Do you have what it takes to survive in this nightmare?


Zombie Invasion for PC is a great game for players who are looking for fast-paced action. Even though this game is a mini-game, it can give full-pledged games a run for their money. Zombie Invasion HTML5 game has amazing content to offer.


Zombie Invasion


Zombie Invasion is a mini-game developed by Codethislab. It is an HTML5 browser game and has been popular with fans and even non-fans of the zombie game genre. We are lucky that the developers of the game ported it to PC. We can now play Zombie Invasion for PC to our computers for free. The best thing about this game is that players do not need to install anything on their computers anymore. Just click the Zombie Invasion link in your browser, wait for the game to load, and start killing zombies using your mouse. The game also has amazing features that will hook you in no time at all.


Stunning Graphics


Zombie Invasion


Even for a mini-game with its origins deeply rooted in HTML5, Zombie Invasion is one beautiful treat. You will just stare at your screen and be amazed at how the game is made considering that it was originally a browser game. Zombie Invasion offers crisp 3D graphics and amazingly rendered environment. Usually, for browser games, developers render them in 2D because of the limitation of the platform. However, this is not the case with Zombie Invasion. You can appreciate the details that the developers put into Zombie Invasion for PC. The game is just stunning to look at! The zombies and effects have an ample amount of details that add to the excitement.


Easy Controls


Zombie Invasion


We have already mentioned something about the controls of Zombie Invasion mini-game for PC. But, we will tell you more about that in this section. The controls in the games are easy to remember – just click the Left side of your mouse to kill a zombie. What’s really amazing about the controls of the game is that the clicks immediately register and there is no input lag when you play Zombie Invasion.


This is very important when playing games of this kind because a simple delay in the button that you click can mean the death of your character. However, in the Zombie Invasion HTML5 game, the input that you make is very responsive and you can kill zombies without having to worry about your health in the game. You do have to take note that some zombies need more clicks to kill them, and you do not have to blame the controls if you encounter a zombie that took you 3 clicks to eliminate.


Start killing zombies today and play Zombie Invasion in your PC!

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