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Zombies Can’t Jump


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About this Game

It is the dreaded zombie apocalypse and the world is overrun by the undead. There is no hope to survive, except for one minor flaw in the otherwise toughened plague of zombies: Zombie Can’t Jump.

Okijin Games has created another addition to the zombie apocalypse genre, but this time with the amusing twist that these tough slow moving zombies have no jumping ability. And luckily, they are also too dumb to think of climbing. After the success of Robots Can’t Jump, they thought of making one in the zombie universe.

So what is the solution to combat this undead plague? Very simple, just build upwards. Anyway is good enough, even stacking up rickety crates seem to work. Although the zombies may be sluggish and stupid, they are still a force to be reckoned with.


Zombies Can’t Jump Game Features:

Zombies Can’t Jump is a free tower defense online game that any zombie slayer fan wouldn’t want to miss! All you have to do is click on the game here on Games.lol and play it directly on your browser! No need for download at all. Read more about the game’s exclusive features:


Defend Your Rickety Tower

Because the undead horde in this iteration of the zombie apocalypse is extremely challenged in the vertical movement department, what do you do? Well, you build upwards of course.

And it really does not matter how anyway since it appears that hastily scrapped up wooden crates seem enough to deter these meat-eating abominations. Of course, that would be too easy, these zombies can still wreak some havoc and are surprisingly durable for something that has no living tissue.


Zombies Can't Jump


Send A Rain Of Lead

Of course, no defenses can withstand the might of the zombie apocalypse. Their overwhelming numbers and the undying determination  will surely go after your brains.Send them back into the grave and kill them off one by one.

And you get to do so with some exciting artillery. You start out with a humble single action rifle. Then, work your way through each stage and unlock a range of weapons. These include the speedy uzi to the steady power of an automatic rifle and the explosive destruction of an RPG. Oh, and there are spike balls you can toss out. They’re a lot of fun. There is also a lot of pain and damage you can dish out yourself in creative ways.


Zombies Can't Jump


All About Resource Management

It blends a great mix of high-octane action and tower defense. The key to succeeding in any strategy game like this lies in how effective you manage your resources and prioritizing the incoming targets.

Each kill will learn you Survival Points which in turn allow you to spend them for additional crates, spike balls, or even to utilize the special Rage ability. These all cost resources and keeping an eye on your Survival Points is important your literal survival.

Zombies Can't Jump


Understanding the costs of resources against incoming zombies allows you to better handle how you tackle each level. Zombies come from two sides and get progressively tougher as time ticks by, of course killing tougher zombies also result in better rewards.

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