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2D Mini-Games available to play online. Free HTML5 games playable all web browsers on both PC and Mac. Play the best free 2D mini-games at Games.lol!

Sushi Matching Play for Free
Sushi Matching

With tons of matching games out there, wouldn’t you opt to match your favorite Japanese food together instead? Match sashimi, maki rolls, ebi, and many more! Enjoy this delicious matching game that will make you drool as you play!    Your gaming experience just becomes more enjoyable when you join a fun-filled matching game with tons of levels to […]

Fancy Diver Play for Free
Fancy Diver

Have some fun with one of the most colorful mini-games on Games.lol!Your fellow divers are in a rut! They can’t get out because of a massive blockage of corals and seaweeds blocking the way. They need someone to help them get to the surface before they run out of oxygen and drown!   This is […]

Cinderella’s Rush Play for Free
Cinderella’s Rush

Everyone knows Cinderella. She’s the beautiful girl who’s left with all the chores at home while her stepsisters go to parties and have fun. Ever since her dad remarried, the poor girl had to live with a wicked stepmother and equally cruel stepsisters.  Apart from dealing with their unpleasant behavior, Cinderella has to do all the work. She […]

Crazy Pizza Play for Free
Crazy Pizza

Can you imagine what happens behind the closed door and walls at the pizzeria? See how crazy it can get when you’re in the kitchen in Crazy Pizza. In this action strategy game, you need to put three of the same pizzas together. When you do, they become ready to be served. Finish the order […]

Captain Rogers Defense of Karmax Play for Free
Captain Rogers Defense of Karmax

The universe is full of bad beings and danger. Chaos reigns and everything is in complete disorder. The peace and safety of all existing matter in the cosmos is now threatened and highly at risk. But there is one man who will save us all. One man stands to fight to eradicate chaos, to restore […]

Bubble Shooter HD Play for Free
Bubble Shooter HD

Do you miss playing games such as Tetris or Connect Four? Well, there’s a new fun game that’s very addictive and can leave you hooked for hours. Introducing Bubble Shooter HD. It is a very fun game that you would not want to put away. Bubble Shooter HD is the remake of the Bubble Shooter […]

Baby Bear Play for Free
Baby Bear

Are you fond of babies? How about raising one? Or taking care of a little cub? If yes, then you should definitely check out the title from Funny House Games called Baby Bear. As the name suggests, the game is about taking care of a little cub. But that’s only half of it! You see, […]

Snack Time Play for Free
Snack Time

Are you a puzzle game enthusiast? Specifically in Sokoban types of games? How about helping animals for their winter cache? If the answer to any of those questions is a yes, then it’s time to introduce you to our friend Waldy! Winter is coming and little Waldy needs all the help he can get to […]

Pie Attack Play for Free
Pie Attack

Do you like pie? Are you a pie connoisseur? A practical joker? Or a pieing enthusiast? If the answer to any of those questions is a yes, then you will love the game concealed behind the “Play Now” button on your screen. As you may have known by now, Pie Attack obviously is a pie […]

Pigeon Bomber Play for Free
Pigeon Bomber

Are you fascinated with pigeons? Are you a fan of a game that features an avian protagonist? Or perhaps looking for something to vent your frustrations into? If the answer to any of those questions is a yes, then, let me introduce you to Jack the Pigeon Bomber! Jack, as you may know, was once […]

Minigolf Kingdom Play for Free
Minigolf Kingdom

Are you on a constant hunt for a fun sports game that does not require downloads? Or have always wanted to experience an authentic mini-golf challenge? If yes, then the Minigolf Kingdom is precisely the game that you are looking for! Read-through the notable game features of the title or try out the game right […]

Snake 3310 HTML5 Play for Free
Snake 3310 HTML5

During the final months of the second millennium, one of the most iconic mobile devices was launched. It would go down in history not only as one of the best-selling phones of all time, but also as an influencer in pop culture history. However, our focus is not on the device but rather on the […]

Glauron: Dragon Tales Play for Free
Glauron: Dragon Tales

Do you fancy dragon games but you’re put off by the hassle of downloading? Your luck, my friend, is about to change. Introducing, Glauron! A mighty fire-breathing beast who broke out of its shackles after 500 years. After all those years of isolation, this king of the sky is not very happy and is in […]

Gold Miner Slots Play for Free
Gold Miner Slots

In this game, you don’t have to be ashamed to be called a gold digger! You are literally digging out gold when you place your bets online! Now, you can play casino mini-games here at Games.lol and win every single time! Increase your chances of winning by placing your bets carefully before every spin.   […]

Mega Slots Online Casino Game Play for Free
Mega Slots Online Casino Game

Placing your bets online while playing online casino games can be troublesome, especially if you needlessly place your real money on online betting games. Chances are you might just end up losing practically everything that you have. But hey, you don’t need to do that or have to sacrifice that much just to have fun […]

Jelly Rock Ola Play for Free
Jelly Rock Ola

Our moms always tell us that eating and mixing different types of candy can really be a massive health problem. But here in Jelly Rock Ola, all you do is mix the candies and win! The more candies you put together, the better! If you get tired of matching puzzle games, you can try this […]

Fruit Chef Play for Free
Fruit Chef

Doesn’t slicing fruits sound familiar as a game? Well, have another take on this awesome adrenaline rush game! Get ready to sharpen your knives and be on high alert because once you drop one of those fruits, you are in major trouble! This is one of the new mini-games that you are going to love […]

Your Queen Destiny Play for Free
Your Queen Destiny

There are tons of games for girls online, but what makes Your Queen Destiny dress up game so unique? Well, two things: manners and title. We’ll talk about that later on as you read along. This game will surely attract kids, especially girls, because you get to dress up a queen. Yes, a queen and […]

Tap the Frog Play for Free
Tap the Frog

Want a simple game that will get you hyped up and excited? We got one for you! Try out Tap the Frog on PC now! This game could be the most straightforward game in history—even the title tells you the instructions! You only need to do ONE thing: Tap the frogs. Tap as many frogs as you […]

Princess Curse Play for Free
Princess Curse

A princess came across a witch’s home within the forest. Unfortunately for her, she messed up a very special potion that the witch was making. Out of anger, the witch cursed the princess to stay as a stone statue for eternity. But fortunately, you are there to witness it all and save the princess! Now, […]