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2D Mini-Games available to play online. Free HTML5 games playable all web browsers on both PC and Mac. Play the best free 2D mini-games at Games.lol!

Panda Hair-do Play for Free
Panda Hair-do

Does your child keep on requesting for free games for girls? Don’t worry, we have tons of mini-games that your child can play and enjoy without consuming your valuable computer space and precious battery. You can now play Panda Hairdo online on PC! In Games.lol, we save your previous games so that you can pick […]

Fun Summer Holiday Play for Free
Fun Summer Holiday

Who wouldn’t love a great game of dress up? Now, you can play dress up on your PC with a doll that you can customize according to your liking. Who wouldn’t’ want that? Dress up this beautiful maiden and help her prepare her luggage and fly to her destination. This is one of the best […]

Bubble Hero 3D Play for Free
Bubble Hero 3D

These mice are on their way home, but they got stuck in a barrage of bubbles that floated them high in the air and got them stuck in in the bubbles. It is your job to get them back to their homes. And it is also your job to pop all the bubbles so that […]

Pocahontas Slots Play for Free
Pocahontas Slots

Now, you can enjoy betting on a more interesting slot machine game when you play Pocahontas slots! Surrounded by images and themes in the Pocahontas movie, why not take on a whole new level of fun with the slot machine in Pocahontas Slots game or known also as slots era pocahontas? This game offers the […]

Key & Shield Play for Free
Key & Shield

Play this awesome adventure game and go through a series of levels, unlocking the cages of your kidnapped friends. You are the only hope of your friends. You have to fight against fire-blasting enemies, rolling pins, floating bombs and mines, and many more. You need to embark on a dangerous journey to win and survive […]

Tic Tac Toe HTML5 Play for Free
Tic Tac Toe HTML5

There was a time when every game we created was only on pen and paper. We made puzzle games and other ways to entertain ourselves while waiting for time to pass. And one of our favorite classic mini-games is Tic Tac Toe. Tic Tac Toe online game is one way of keeping you preoccupied most […]

Three Cards Monte Play for Free
Three Cards Monte

On the subway, on your way to the work during the morning commute, or just in the busy Saturday streets on your day off—you can find it everywhere. You will find people taking interest in whether they can bet where the Ace of Hearts is when playing this popular game of chance. This is Three […]

Freecell Solitaire Play for Free
Freecell Solitaire

No matter how you see it, you just cannot help but play cards. Everyone has played a card game at least, maybe, ten times in one’s lifetime. Whether it is just playing on your own or placing bets on online casino games, cards are great things to have and use to kill the time. Freecell […]

Spider Solitaire Play for Free
Spider Solitaire

Remember the time when every PC operating system or software you bought came with a free game of Spider Solitaire? Well, they do not offer that anymore. Spider Solitaire was a game that really captivated the attention of many players. And what is fun about this game is that it is a great past time […]

Key & Shield 2 Play for Free
Key & Shield 2

Have you been a fan of Super Mario as a kid? Well, with Key and Shield 2, you get more than what Super Mario offers! This game takes Super Mario into a whole new level! This time with Key and Shield 2, you are tasked to unlock your friends that are trapped inside the box. […]

Real Soccer Play for Free
Real Soccer

Nothing can get more real than this! With Real Soccer, you can experience first-hand the joy of playing soccer without getting physically tired! Take your strategic thinking in the field with the team you are handling. Be the coach and the player at the same time! Just remember to keep the objective of the game: to […]

Cut the Rope 2 Play for Free
Cut the Rope 2

The fun never stops in the first installment of Cut the Rope. Now with the second installment, take the sweet candy treat to Nom! Just like the first one, use your brain to strategize. Think thoroughly on how you will collect all the stars. There are more ways than one so get creative and strategic in planning your next move. […]

Marble Smash Play for Free
Marble Smash

Match the same-colored marbles to win the game! Match them by tapping the screen and by eliminating all of them. Make sure no marbles are left behind! Match 3 or more same-colored balls to eliminate them all! Not only that! Imagine how you would position these balls so you can have your own strategy when playing the game! Be strategic and look out for balls […]

Zippy Boxes Play for Free
Zippy Boxes

Unlock the boxes and free all of Piggy’s friends. You can do so by matching the boxes to their corresponding colored keys. Get them to the right keys by following the arrows directed in the box. As you complete every level, one step at a time, you also move on to greater levels that require more of your brain! For […]

JomJom Jump Play for Free
JomJom Jump

JomJom likes his tasty apples. Help our cute friend get his fruit ration by guiding him as he dashes from platform to platform in JomJom Jump. It’s an endless jumping action game where you need to collect as many apples as you can.   But here’s the catch; you’ll have to race against the clock […]

Chin Up Shin Up Play for Free
Chin Up Shin Up

Follow the story of the monster robber who robbed the bank and is now on the go to get away from his crime. As he runs away, he goes up the post to get away from the Sheriff. The players are tasked to help the robber go away by pressing the left and right arrows. […]

Sun Charms Play for Free
Sun Charms

Wakey wakey little wizzies!  This game will surely get you pumped up with cuteness overload! These tiny creatures called the wizzies need your help big time! Wake them up to remove them by matching 3 or more of these creatures and connecting them all. You can connect them vertically, horizontally or diagonally. There is never one choice! Mix it up! […]

Amazing Grabber Play for Free
Amazing Grabber

All the good things are coming down! With Amazing Grabber, you get the opportunity to grab everything you can once it goes down. Don’t miss out on all the goodies! Help the pink monster to snatch everything that goes down: teddy bears, candies, worms, and a whole lot more!  You can grab the stuff by tapping […]

X O Tic Tac Toe Play for Free
X O Tic Tac Toe

You think you’re the best in Tic Tac Toe in your classroom when you were still young? Test your skills now with X O Tic Tac Toe and see how you will fare well against an AI! This free Tic Tac Toe digital game will let you choose between two different grids. You can even pick whether you would like to take it easy or […]

Hunter Willie Play for Free
Hunter Willie

Test your shooting skills in this incredible hunt and shoot game! In Hunter Willie on PC, you obviously play as Willie, a hunter who somehow found his way in a mysterious dungeon. This is where prehistoric monsters come to life and eat people who are unfortunately blocking their way! But since you are not like […]