Classic Mini-Games

Classic MIni-Games available to play online. Free HTML5 games playable all web browsers on both PC and Mac. Play the best free Classic mini-games at!

Greedy Gnomes Play for Free
Greedy Gnomes

Looking for a puzzle game that will tickle your mind and challenge your mental capacity? This peculiar gnomish game will test your intelligence and tease your brain. Pit your wits in the Greedy Gnomes game. It’s fun and brainy. This game of strategy follows the game between two brothers—Us and Zus. Using precious gems as […]

Baby Bear Play for Free
Baby Bear

Are you fond of babies? How about raising one? Or taking care of a little cub? If yes, then you should definitely check out the title from Funny House Games called Baby Bear. As the name suggests, the game is about taking care of a little cub. But that’s only half of it! You see, […]

Minigolf Kingdom Play for Free
Minigolf Kingdom

Are you on a constant hunt for a fun sports game that does not require downloads? Or have always wanted to experience an authentic mini-golf challenge? If yes, then the Minigolf Kingdom is precisely the game that you are looking for! Read-through the notable game features of the title or try out the game right […]

Snake 3310 HTML5 Play for Free
Snake 3310 HTML5

During the final months of the second millennium, one of the most iconic mobile devices was launched. It would go down in history not only as one of the best-selling phones of all time, but also as an influencer in pop culture history. However, our focus is not on the device but rather on the […]

Mega Slots Online Casino Game Play for Free
Mega Slots Online Casino Game

Placing your bets online while playing online casino games can be troublesome, especially if you needlessly place your real money on online betting games. Chances are you might just end up losing practically everything that you have. But hey, you don’t need to do that or have to sacrifice that much just to have fun […]

Your Queen Destiny Play for Free
Your Queen Destiny

There are tons of games for girls online, but what makes Your Queen Destiny dress up game so unique? Well, two things: manners and title. We’ll talk about that later on as you read along. This game will surely attract kids, especially girls, because you get to dress up a queen. Yes, a queen and […]

The Best Pizza Play for Free
The Best Pizza

Can’t find a wholesome game that your kids can play when you want them to be busy without using your phone? Keep them preoccupied with great cooking games here at! The Best Pizza game online is brought to you by Funny House Games where you get to star as a pizza maker. Being new […]

Panda Hair-do Play for Free
Panda Hair-do

Does your child keep on requesting for free games for girls? Don’t worry, we have tons of mini-games that your child can play and enjoy without consuming your valuable computer space and precious battery. You can now play Panda Hairdo online on PC! In, we save your previous games so that you can pick […]

Little Bouncing Guys Play for Free
Little Bouncing Guys

In the Little Bouncing Guys mini-game for PC, you take control of cute little balls as you bounce your way in different levels to reach as many stars as you can. Access various challenges in the game and prove your skills on this ultimate mini-game that is designed for relaxation and fun! Little Bouncing Guys […]

Solitaire Play for Free

Solitaire does not need to be introduced to most players because players have already played this game at least once in their life. Different game developers released many iterations of the original game, but they did not change most of the mechanics of the game. Most of the free Solitaire PC games preserve the formula […]

Word Up Play for Free
Word Up

Most of the word games available out there just require the players to form or find three to four-letter words. This can be fun at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will eventually discover that these games become boring especially when you become used to the gameplay. Kids and teens can […]

Bubble Hero 3D Play for Free
Bubble Hero 3D

These mice are on their way home, but they got stuck in a barrage of bubbles that floated them high in the air and got them stuck in in the bubbles. It is your job to get them back to their homes. And it is also your job to pop all the bubbles so that […]

Pocahontas Slots Play for Free
Pocahontas Slots

Now, you can enjoy betting on a more interesting slot machine game when you play Pocahontas slots! Surrounded by images and themes in the Pocahontas movie, why not take on a whole new level of fun with the slot machine in Pocahontas Slots game or known also as slots era pocahontas? This game offers the […]

Tic Tac Toe HTML5 Play for Free
Tic Tac Toe HTML5

There was a time when every game we created was only on pen and paper. We made puzzle games and other ways to entertain ourselves while waiting for time to pass. And one of our favorite classic mini-games is Tic Tac Toe. Tic Tac Toe online game is one way of keeping you preoccupied most […]

Three Cards Monte Play for Free
Three Cards Monte

On the subway, on your way to the work during the morning commute, or just in the busy Saturday streets on your day off—you can find it everywhere. You will find people taking interest in whether they can bet where the Ace of Hearts is when playing this popular game of chance. This is Three […]

Freecell Solitaire Play for Free
Freecell Solitaire

No matter how you see it, you just cannot help but play cards. Everyone has played a card game at least, maybe, ten times in one’s lifetime. Whether it is just playing on your own or placing bets on online casino games, cards are great things to have and use to kill the time. Freecell […]

Mini Putt Garden Play for Free
Mini Putt Garden

Put your golf skills to the ultimate test in the fun game of Mini Putt Garden. In this free mini-game, you have to shoot the ball into the hole. However, this is not just simply a game where you mindlessly hit the ball in the hopes of making it go to the hole and winning […]

Juicy Dash Play for Free
Juicy Dash

This classic matching game has a totally different and exciting twist. You can enjoy matching up three or more of the same fruits and pop as many fruits as possible to level up! Aside from its exciting features, this mini-game also has vivid and colorful graphics that will definitely entertain you and your kids. With […]

Marble Smash Play for Free
Marble Smash

Match the same-colored marbles to win the game! Match them by tapping the screen and by eliminating all of them. Make sure no marbles are left behind! Match 3 or more same-colored balls to eliminate them all! Not only that! Imagine how you would position these balls so you can have your own strategy when playing the game! Be strategic and look out for balls […]

Zippy Boxes Play for Free
Zippy Boxes

Unlock the boxes and free all of Piggy’s friends. You can do so by matching the boxes to their corresponding colored keys. Get them to the right keys by following the arrows directed in the box. As you complete every level, one step at a time, you also move on to greater levels that require more of your brain! For […]