Happy Kittens Puzzle Play for Free
Happy Kittens Puzzle

Cat lovers unite! If you love cats so much and you’re looking for funny cat games to play and pass the time, then Happy Kittens Puzzle online is the best one for you. Play the conventional puzzle game with the twist, having cute cats as the pieces of the puzzle. Switch the cats around so […]

Junior Chess Play for Free
Junior Chess

Are you a big fan of chess? Play a kids chess game now on your PC wherever you are. Master the game of chess by winning all the levels of the game. The difficulty ranges from easy to difficult. So, if you’re a newbie to the world of chess, this mini-game is one of the […]

Bomber Friends Play for Free
Bomber Friends

Get ready and plan your escape in Bomber Friends online as you encounter orcs, spiders, robots and other obstacles along the way. Experience the excitement of planning your escape plan as you strategically plant the bombs around the maze! If you miss the classic Bomberman days in the arcade and Playstation, then let this game […]

Monster Hospital Play for Free
Monster Hospital

Hooray for those who love hospital games!   You can now play as a doctor in Monster Hospital game online and treat your patients. But the plot twist is that you don’t treat humans, but monsters! Are we talking about scary monsters? Of course not! We’re talking about cute monsters that need your help. Play the […]

Crazy Switch Color Play for Free
Crazy Switch Color

Test your luck and patience as you play this one of a kind skill game. Crazy Switch Color is a fun exciting game that you can enjoy anytime. This unique matching game developed by Fortafy games is nerve-wracking yet very entertaining. Work your way towards multi-colored orbs by bouncing and tapping as your colored ball […]

Adventures of Indiara Play for Free
Adventures of Indiara

Join Indiara as she embarks on her adventure!  Indiara loves to collect artifacts, most especially skulls so the next target on her collection are the ancient gold skulls that she needs to get from dangerous caves. However, a big rock is going to pursue Indiara, which is a very bad news for you. Join her as […]

The Right Colors Play for Free
The Right Colors

What used to be a pick a color game on snapchat is now on PC! Deciding for a color is never this complicated in The Right Color online; a cool puzzle game that will surely test your visual reflexes. How fast can you tell if the color displayed matches with the text? Can you give […]

Flappy Wow Play for Free
Flappy Wow

Still can’t get over with hard distance games like Flappy Bird? Well, another addicting game is here waiting to be played. Enjoy Flappy Bird once more, but a funnier and more exciting one. Choose from one of the three iconic characters of the game and take flight. Dodge all the columns while trying to not […]

Football Tricks Play for Free
Football Tricks

Are you ready to become the next football superstar? Then don’t wait up and play one of the coolest football games out there, Football Tricks game unblocked! Choose the team you want to play with, go against other international teams and win the matches to proceed to the championship. Take control of the field and […]

Combo Mester – Alchemy Play for Free
Combo Mester – Alchemy

Become a master chemist in Combo Mester Alchemy, a fun and educational game for all ages. Pick and mix the elements you can find at the top of the screen. Do an experiment to unlock a new element! Once you unlock the new elements, you can mix it with other elements to create a new […]

MonsterJong Play for Free

Use your mahjong skills in MonsterJong mini-game, a cute and exciting PC game based on the famous tile game mahjong. This game follows the rules of the classic game, just find the identical tiles in the board, select them and remove them from the board. The twist in this game is that it has a […]

Timberman Play for Free

Are you looking for a fun casual game while on your break? Click and play Timberman online and feel the same rush and thrill you felt when playing Flappy Bird! Chop all those wood and avoid the deadly branches. Play against the ticking of the clock and challenge yourself to become faster at chopping those […]

Jelly Slice Play for Free
Jelly Slice

Are you looking for a fun yet challenging way to learn Math? Jelly Slice Unblocked is a cool math puzzle playground game that uses your logical skills. Just use your mouse or touchpad to slice the jelly. Each slice should have 1 star, and you have to do with limited moves only. Does that sound […]

Foot Chinko Play for Free
Foot Chinko

Join the best team, aim for the goal and become the champion of the World! Play Foot Chinko Unblocked and be a part of a competitive team and join different competitions. Play the most famous tournaments, shoot for a goal and join the ultimate championship. Create a strategy on how to defeat the obstacles and […]

Mr. Flap Play for Free
Mr. Flap

Make use of your strategy skills and quick hands with distance game inspired by the classic Flappy Bird game, Mr. Flap! If you remember how Flappy Bird worked, then you definitely know how frustrating it could be to make the bird fly while avoiding obstacles. In this Flappy Bird-inspired game, you need to fly the […]

Metal Animals Play for Free
Metal Animals

The world is under attack by thousands of giant, strong, evil monsters!! Get into the battlefield to protect the world from these monsters! Play Metal Animals now! Metal Animals is a one of a kind war game wherein you get to choose your own characters with their own respective specialties. Challenge and defeat evil monsters […]

Sprint Club Nitro Play for Free
Sprint Club Nitro

Be a Formula 1 race car driver in this one of a kind fast-paced game; Sprint Club Nitro by Happylander. Race your way towards the finish line from the 20th to the top! Earn thousands of dollars for your upgrades and have the best Formula 1 car in the world. Easily beat your opponents with […]

Fruit Blaster Play for Free
Fruit Blaster

Enjoy eating fruits and chopping them up? Maybe you’re into fruit games? Then, you’ll surely enjoy playing this game. Fruit Blaster is an exciting fruit slicing game where you will slice as many fruits as you want before the time ends. Gain combos and earn the highest score possible. Watch out for those upcoming bombs […]

Speed Pool King Play for Free
Speed Pool King

Playing pool is now made more fun and easy with Speed Pool King! It is a free pool game that you can access online using your PC for free. Play pool anytime without dealing with the hassle of arranging the balls or even buying a billiard table which can be quite costly for some. Now, […]

Pug Love Play for Free
Pug Love

Do you love playing with dogs especially pugs?  Do you love playing adventure games?  If you say yes to both, then Pug Love is the game for you! No other cute pug games come close to this one. Pug Love is a 2-in-1 game where you play as a Pug and collect the coins in […]


Play the Best Free online Mini Games on Games.lol

Sometimes, you simply want a casual game that can kill some time yet provide you with lots of fun. If that is what you are looking for, then you better check out our largest pool of online mini games that are free to play! From puzzle games to action games, we got the best Mini Games right here at Games.lol!

Why not experience a different kind rush with Birdy Rush? This is one of those online games you must play, especially when you are looking to kill a couple of hours. If not, you can always try your luck and skills with Bouncy Dunk. It is as simple as its name suggests: just be ready, shoot, score, and win.

Our list of mini games also offers a variety of sports-related titles. For starters, we got Baseball Hero. But hey, this is unlike any baseball title out there. It comes with a twist - and it is a unique one. If you are not into that, we urge you to try Foot Chinko World Cup. It is an action-packed arcade game that takes the whole concept of soccer to a whole new level.

Games.lol has the best and most exciting collection of online mini games for free. These titles can be played anytime and anywhere. So, what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to these Mini Games now!

A list of all the available game walkthrough for Games.lol. You can find the best solution to any stages and hidden tricks if any to complete the game.