Xmas Furious Play for Free
Xmas Furious

Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way! If you enjoyed playing FlapCat Christmas, then why not give this game a try. From the same developers of FlapCat Christmas, Walle comes up with another fun and enjoyable Christmas game.  Basically, the concept and objective of the game is to avoid hitting obstacles that come in […]

FlapCat Christmas Play for Free
FlapCat Christmas

You better watch out, you better not cry. You better not pout I’m telling you why. Santa Cat is coming to town! Oh wait, wrong lyrics. But anyway! If you can’t get enough of the Christmas season all year round, then the FlapCat Christmas game is your golden ticket to holiday bliss. FlapCat Christmas is […]

PixZombies Play for Free

Zombies. Zombies everywhere. Journey to the post-apocalyptic pixel place of PixZombies! We need your help to fight and save the world from these cannibalistic monsters! Prevent them from passing through the road and smash them down before they can bite anyone. PixZombies is a very straightforward game. The main objective of the game is to […]

PopUp Play for Free

If you love playing games that will put your patience and skills to the test, then PopUp is the game for you! Play as a ball and work your way towards the top. Avoid hitting the closing doors as you try to move up since a very frustrating consequence is going to happen once you […]

Blop Play for Free

Ever encounter those plastic bubble wraps? Everyone loves popping them. Come on, if you don’t find it satisfying, are you even human? Popping them feels good and it becomes an addiction at times. No one knows the reason behind why but as long as we feel great and doesn’t do us any harm we can […]

1941 Frozen Front Play for Free
1941 Frozen Front

Have you always wanted to play 1941 Frozen Front but don’t want to go through downloading? Well, you can now enjoy this mind-blowing World War 2 battle game in 1941 Frozen Front free online game on PC! In this mini-game, you can play and go anytime you want and enjoy the same military strategy based war […]

3 2 1 Spell Play for Free
3 2 1 Spell

Fans of sorcery and magic, rejoice! As Octeto Studios offers a free-to-play spellcasting game you can play on your PC during your free time. 3 2 1 Spell is one of those free magical games online that will surely excite the wizard in you. In this magical game, your goal is to defeat your opponent […]

Refuge Solitaire Play for Free
Refuge Solitaire

Do not settle on playing your favorite card game on a dull and boring green background like most solitaire games out there.  Refuge Solitaire is a free online PC card game that lets you play your favorite game while enjoying the view of a stunning Alpine lake. The calming sounds of the cricket and burning […]

Teddy Bear Zombies Machine Gun Play for Free
Teddy Bear Zombies Machine Gun

Brace yourself for the ultimate teddy bear killing game that will keep you glued on your computer for hours. Teddy Bear Zombies Machine Gun is a free-to-play zombie killing game for pc enjoyed by millions of players around the world.  Prepare your heart to burst with excitement as you shoot those cute teddy bear turned […]

TenTrix Play for Free

Do you fancy playing block puzzle games? If you do, then TenTrix is a game for you! TenTrix is a free online game similar to the famous Tetris puzzle game with a mix of 1010. This game will challenge your brain and strategic skills. Find out how high you can score by arranging the pieces […]

Beauty Cat Salon Play for Free
Beauty Cat Salon

Cat lovers looking for cat dress up games, celebrate! You can neow play the addictively kawaii Beauty Cat Salon mini-game while surfing the net or simply killing time on your computer. In this amazing cat games for kids, you can bring out the fur-rociousness in you as you mess up the style of the adorable cats […]

Doggy Dive Play for Free
Doggy Dive

Doggy Dive is a hot diggity doggone vertical distance game that you can play on your PC that lets you control a cute canine who decided to be an underwater explorer and discover the astounding beauty of the underwater world. Your goal is to help the our doggo hero navigate the sub-aquatic world collecting valuable […]

Flappy Eros Play for Free
Flappy Eros

Get ready for tough love! If you’re looking for that Flappy Bird fix since it’s gone from existence, then Flappy Eros will sate that desire. Flappy Eros is an online game for PC similar to the famous game Flappy Bird. Your goal is to guide St. Valentine between an endless series of pillars in an […]

Dark Lands Play for Free
Dark Lands

Go up against the monstrous creatures of myth and legend in Dark Lands, an endless running action game with role-playing game elements. Defeat the creatures of the darkness with a sword in hand as you run through lands of shadow. Gather crystals through the course that you can use to upgrade skills and purchase equipment. […]

Spooky Crazy House Play for Free
Spooky Crazy House

Halloween hidden objects game. Yes, things are going to be a little bit strange tonight. Check out more unblocked games here!

Crazy Pig Simulator Play for Free
Crazy Pig Simulator

The game is about funny piggy.The pig decided to escape from the farm and start a new life in the city. An old friend helps the pig to settle in a new place. He talks about the best thing in the city is to break everything you see! Check out more unblocked games here!

Crazy Runner Play for Free
Crazy Runner

Crazy Runner – is a classic and cool is never ending runner game where you have to run on the beautiful road, jumping over cars, bombs, tires, and collect cool coins, and food on the road! Be careful not to get under the car, and do not jump on the bomb! The main goal of […]

2D Crazy Basketball Play for Free
2D Crazy Basketball

If you like to play basketball and trust your skills, this game is just for you! Gameplay is so simple, all you have to do is shoot right and score. The game has 5 different parts and in order to pass these stages, you have to test your skills. The points that you are going […]

Crazy Traffic Play for Free
Crazy Traffic

Crazy Traffic is an awesome car game where you can test your driving skills in heavy traffic. Avoid colliding with the other cars on the road as you drive. Check out more unblocked games here!

Crazy Shooters Play for Free
Crazy Shooters

Crazy Shooters is a first-person shooter game where you have many weapons at your disposal . Check out more unblocked games here!


Play the Best Free online Mini Games on Games.lol

Sometimes, you simply want a casual game that can kill some time yet provide you with lots of fun. If that is what you are looking for, then you better check out our largest pool of online mini games that are free to play! From puzzle games to action games, we got the best Mini Games right here at Games.lol!

Why not experience a different kind rush with Birdy Rush? This is one of those online games you must play, especially when you are looking to kill a couple of hours. If not, you can always try your luck and skills with Bouncy Dunk. It is as simple as its name suggests: just be ready, shoot, score, and win.

Our list of mini games also offers a variety of sports-related titles. For starters, we got Baseball Hero. But hey, this is unlike any baseball title out there. It comes with a twist - and it is a unique one. If you are not into that, we urge you to try Foot Chinko World Cup. It is an action-packed arcade game that takes the whole concept of soccer to a whole new level.

Games.lol has the best and most exciting collection of online mini games for free. These titles can be played anytime and anywhere. So, what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to these Mini Games now!

A list of all the available game walkthrough for Games.lol. You can find the best solution to any stages and hidden tricks if any to complete the game.